The guide to raising your baby like a royal

Here is Grooming and Etiquette Expert Jean Broke-Smith’s tongue and cheek guide to raise your baby like a royal 🙂 Enjoy!


The royal baby has finally arrived, but if you
are due soon or have a new-born, it doesn’t
mean they can’t be treated like royalty too!

Regardless of heritage, all babies should feel
like a Prince or Princess, which is why Persil
Non-Bio and Comfort Pure
have teamed up
with royal Etiquette Expert Jean Broke Smith
to create the tongue-in-cheek “Guide to
raising your baby like a royal”.

As the former
principal of the famed Lucie Clayton School
of Grooming, Jean has over thirty years’
experience training politicians, royalty and
TV stars.

So put your feet up, rest your royal behind,
and have a read of these top tips!

A royal baby, as with any other, needs to
bond with its parents as soon as it arrives
in to the world.

It must not be forgotten that your baby is
born to 21st century parents, and you will
have your own views and plans on parenting
style. However, taking the royal family lead,
it is important to be advised by experienced
“traditionalists” too.

“Traditionalists” within your family include
those who keep the family legacy in touch
through years of experience and baby handling
such as your parents, grandparents,
aunties or uncles. Let them offer their tips
and guidance on raising a baby too, after all
they have done this all before!

A right royal beginning


What makes a royal guise?

The first outfit makes all the difference. No royal baby should be subject to harsh or
itchy clothing, so ensure your baby’s outfit is super soft, comfy and sparkling clean.

baby shutterstock_67140268

When you’re bundle of joy makes their first journey to their palace, make sure blankets,
bedding and towels have also been pre-washed to ensure your baby is in the most
comfortable and soft surroundings possible. Skin irritation just won’t do!

Babies usually grow very rapidly during the first year so hand-me-downs can prove
rather fruitful, especially if they have a momentous story or historic moment attached to
them. Take a photo of your baby and frame it next to the original clothing owner. Family
history is of huge importance to royalty.

baby shutterstock_93981034

Royals tend to be known for leading the way in the style stakes and plenty of high street
stores will make copies of the royal baby’s outfits. As mothers who have a new baby at a
similar time, have a browse and find something with the royal stamp of approval: classic,
traditional, and based on Great British colours where possible.

Allow your baby exposure to the natural sounds of their
day-to-day environment to get them used to the hubbub of
royal life.

baby shutterstock_54333811

Let family members and guests carry on in their
natural manner of speaking and play different styles of
music such as classical, Latin or Jazz to develop their cultural
skills. Although remember a key factor in raising your baby
like a royal is to keep the environment in your home calm –
no shouting or raising of voices. Babies sense stress too, and
a relaxed home makes for a happy baby!


Communication etiquette

A system of regularity and routine is important when caring
for your little one – like any royal, keep your engagements in
check. The most important thing is to ensure the baby is well
fed, clean, and comfortable and has a sufficient amount of
sleep. Demanding behaviour should be reined in early!

Use baby’s nap time as a window to put a fresh load of
laundry in the washing machine.

Routine, routine, routine


Milk baths a’ la Cleopatra?

baby shutterstock_85597918

Babies can be bathed anywhere – from the kitchen sink, to a
plastic bowl or on a royal wash stand! Bath time is a joy and
provides some special one-to-one bonding time between
parent and child after a busy day of engagements and
gatherings. Make the experience super luxury by wrapping
your little one in a soft, warm towel afterwards to provide
the ultimate comfort.

baby shutterstock_84783586

We are now in the 21st Century age of parenting and it is
notable that a modern dad is expected to ‘assist’ in the early
stages of fatherhood when duties allow. Although his home
duties will be in stark contrast to his official duties, the time
at home will be greatly treasured!

Allow a partner or friend to step in and take over from time
to time, to give you a break and a much-needed stint for

Family duties

It is good for the little prince/princess to play near his or
her parents. Your baby doesn’t necessarily have to be on
your lap, as they may become too dependent on attention
and demand more and more, but it is good for parents to
encourage their baby during playtime. It’s also a great way
to strengthen the parent-baby bond.


A part-time nanny can help if you have to
be away on engagements. A royal mother
usually returns to her duties, similarly to
mothers who return to full or part time
work but it does help if you have family
nearby. Asking your mum or close
relatives to help where possible will
lead to your child being a more
well-rounded individual, and get
them used to socialising with others.

Dealing with the ‘press’

baby shutterstock_59808223

As we all know, once your little one arrives
into the world people will be snapping away
with their cameras and iPhones. So now is
the time to decide whether you want your
baby to be public-facing or not. Should you
choose to, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook
all provide valuable outlets to share your
baby’s photos with close family and relatives,
particularly those you see less often if they
live far away. If you’d rather shy away from
the public, set some rules with friends
and family from the get go and ensure
photography is strictly limited to the confines
of a private photo album.

Your Happily Ever After
Jean Broke-smith

A bit more about Jean:

Grooming and Etiquette Expert Jean Broke-Smith
was Principal of the Lucie Clayton grooming school
for thirty years. Jean is a regular contributor to the
media on all things royal, regal and diplomatic. As
one of the country`s leading etiquette and grooming
experts, Jean has travelled the world making hit
shows such as “Austrailian Princess” and “American
Princess” where Jean trained and groomed a group of
ordinary girls to make them fit to marry a prince!

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