The Bump to Baby Travel Guide

Read these great travelling tips for mums provided by Mummy Travel Author Sarah Tucker.

If you’re dreaming of going on holiday this year, but either feel too pregnant to try or are worried about travelling with your little one, Persil Non-Bio and Comfort Pure’s Travel Guide is here to help! Created by mummy travel author and expert Sarah Tucker, this guide has everything you need to know on how, where and when to travel to make your journey magical. Whether it’s the first long car journey to visit the grandparents or the first family holiday abroad, travel can be easier than you think when following these top tips!

1. Travelling when pregnant

When you are first pregnant, long car or plane journeys can seem rather unappealing. Ensure you’ve got your route mapped out so there is no last
minute stress. Pack a refreshing face spritz and wipes, to keep you feeling
fresh and cool and make sure you dress super comfortably and wear light and loose layers. Remember to wash your travelling outfit in a gentle fabric detergent and softener like Persil Non-Bio and Comfort Pure before you go, to ensure your clothes are comfortable and soft next to your sensitive skin.

Try to travel during your second trimester (months 4 – 6) as you’re likely to have passed the morning sickness stage. Many airlines (particularly the charters) will be unlikely to allow you to travel after about 32 weeks and certainly not after 36, so check before you go! Even if you’re travelling on a plane before 32 weeks, it’s advisable to take a letter to prove the stage of
your pregnancy as they have the right to refuse you on board.

2. Planning ahead when you first travel with your baby


Not only your expectations, but the hotels, restaurants and airlines you are going to use too. Confirm by email and by phone that you have requested a bassinet cot, if travelling by air. Ask for a special meal for yourself- you will
be served first, which makes feeding your baby so much easier.

Tell hotels and restaurants you have a very young baby and they will seat you close to the lifts or at a table where the toilet and baby changing facilities are easily accessible.

Before you go, research which accommodation is baby friendly and also the location of the nearest doctor, hospital, shopping centre and pharmacist. Information like this is invaluable, and whether the tour operator provides it or not, it’s best to find out for yourself before you go.

3. What to prepare when you first travel with your baby


The biggest mistake first time parents make when travelling is taking too much
with them. They forget that people have babies overseas and that nappies, toys, baby clothes etc will be available. Pack the essentials, such as a blanket,
nappies, nappy bags, wipes, travel size antibacterial creams, a small pot of food and a change of clothes stuffed into a large hand bag.

Carry the baby in a papoose to avoid taking a bulky push chair, unless you are away for a while. Wash your and your baby’s clothes in Persil Non-Bio and Comfort Pure so they are cuddle-proofed, soft and comfortable for travelling.

And remember, travel light! It will improve your experience as well as your baby’s.

4. Tips on how to make it as smooth a journey as possible


If you have a baby with colic or who is teething it doesn’t matter how laid back you may be, it is difficult not to become stressed when you are in a plane full of passengers. The key to this is to remember to stay calm, as the baby will pick up on
your mood. Take some lavender oil for the journey to dot around and create an air of calm for both you and your baby. It also helps to wash baby’s clothes and a comforter or blanket in Persil Non-Bio and Comfort Pure, to ensure their skin is protected, irritation free and ‘cuddle-proofed’.


Trains are the definite preference- babies and toddlers don’t need to be strapped in,
they are able to look through the window, their temperature can be monitored and
most importantly they are able to see mum’s face.

A long train journey can also be
incredibly helpful to get your baby to drift off to sleep.

Cars are an easy way to travel within the UK; however babies can feel slightly limited by the car seat restriction and
heating. Make sure the car seat is super comfortable and journey-ready by layering
it with a blanket and baby pillow, and have the heat on low. Take along some entertaining music for baby to bounce along to and help the journey pass quickly!

If you are hiring a car abroad, always ensure that you pre-book a car seat for ease when you arrive. Most companies should offer it and travelling by car is a great way to see the sights and carry around all your baby paraphernalia! As for planes, cabin crew are much better with baby and toddler care than they were a decade ago. British Airways, Emirates and Virgin Atlantic have specially trained cabin crew who are very knowledgeable and used to dealing with babies. Always book an early morning flight, not a night flight- if baby doesn’t sleep nor will anyone else!

A great way to test the water when travelling with your baby is to visit family
based further afield in the UK. It is also one of the best ways to get a break for
yourself, as they will be more than happy to look after the little one and make a fuss!
When travelling abroad, short haul travel may seem easier than long haul as far as
the journey is concerned, but the long haul carriers usually have the best facilities and trained cabin crew.

Choose a destination where the climate is moderate and the hotel offers a baby care facility for newborns many hotels offer baby care but only for
babies over six months or a year old. Try to go for destinations where the culture is
child focused (Portugal, Greece, Italy) and remember, babies don’t care about luxury or five star ratings!

The joy of travelling with babies and toddlers is that there is no need to stick to travelling in school holidays, so take advantage of this while you can! This also
means you will be able to visit destinations when the climate is more temperate.
During the height of summer Turkey, Greece or Southern Italy will be too hot
for your little one- visiting in mid-May or early October will be much more enjoyable
and cost effective.

Starting travel early makes children more relaxed travellers as they get older, whilst creating unforgettable memories for the whole family. So book your trip, pack a
camera and this guide and you will be ready to go!

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