Say goodbye to broken nights: Meet ‘My Sleeping Grace’

Meet Keri Rock – Child Sleep Consultant, Women’s Holistic Health Coach & Founder of My Sleeping Grace. 

Keri is on a mission to support Mums on their motherhood journey. From ensuring families are all getting optimal sleep to thrive to helping you smash goals you didn’t know you could  or empowering mums to find their own sense of balance, health and wellness. Her passion is Sleep!  Having battled with severe PND (post natal depression) after her son was born, she is very aware how sleep and broken nights can impact every aspect of daily life.

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My Sleeping Grace offers fully tailored 1:1 Sleep Support Packages, ensuring your little one and you are guided each step of the way. Sleep training is not about leaving your child to cry, that is such a huge misconception about what we do. How we work is to holistically look at your child’s schedule, temperament, environment and more to find out what might be causing sleep disruptions, before finding the most suitable approach to support them – and you of course. If you are currently struggling with your little one’s sleep, have a look at these four foundations to get you started on your journey to better sleep.

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–  Wake Windows  (the amount of time awake between sleeps).

While all babies are different these average wake windows are a great starting place as babies don’t tend to vary by more than 10-15 minutes either side. Download this free guide to get you started: 


– Routine 

Following the same steps before sleep is a great way of showing babies what is expected of them, by following a bedtime routine and a shorter routine for all naps, it indicates its sleepy time. 


– Environment

Ensuring great sleep hygiene supports optimal sleep. Keep the temperature between 16-20 degrees at night, if a baby gets too hot or cold it will disrupt their sleep. If using white noise it needs to be on for the whole sleep. Light can be very disruptive to sleep, the darker the better from 3 months old when their circadian rhythm kicks in, avoid screen lights near them even if on in the background before bed the blue light can be disruptive, and only use amber or red night lights if necessary. 


– Consistency

Consistency really is key when it comes to child sleep. It can cause a lot of confusion for babies and children if there is not a lot of consistency. 

mum embracing her child posing for mums magazine

So, say goodbye to broken nights, mornings that start pre 6am and those endless bedtime battles.

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