Nanny recruitment: a nightmare?

How to avoid the high cost, and the first meeting disappointment…

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“…the background checks were superb and the nanny agency said the nanny will be suitable for our family….Yet; it all went wrong on meeting the nanny…”

London mums have either heard of, or may be personally familiar with, the problem of a new nanny recruitment falling apart even before the London Nanny is employed or the working relationship commences!

Every UK mother seeking to employ a nanny knows the first-time face to face experience is most likely to be the determinative factor in the whole recruitment process; even after the Nanny’s background checks comes out fine.

Further, the nanny recruitment process is very time consuming. It is crucially a person-to-person matter and a possible eventual case of your inner being telling you something different from what the Nanny Agency stated on paper; when you and or your family meets the nanny.

Added to that is the approx £3,000-£5,000 recruitment cost that some London Nanny Agencies charge; and there is more:-

“…we hired the nanny but after a few months it just did not work out… she had to go…. And then, we had to hire a new nanny ….all-over again…with additional cost”

Does any or all the above sound familiar?

We often get asked by London mums and Childcarers of speedy ways in which to make the nanny recruitment process straightforward and simple.

Step in, the innovative and growing London based company- NannyClub.

So what does nannyclub offer?

Well, meeting prospective nannies, face to face, in free weekly events will certainly cut out the huge recruitment cost of approx £3,000-£5,000 and, will remove the real risk of Parents not taking to liking a nanny when they do meet one for the first time.

Furthermore, nannyclub’s one-year membership and free weekly events solves other familiar problems such as the unhappy situation of starting a nanny’s recruitment process with the attendant huge cost; all-over again, after the previous one ends up in disappointment!

In summary NannyClub offers:

• A membership platform for Parents and Childcarers.

• Online booking for members to attend free live events, during brunch times, in central locations in London.

• Safe live-events where each Childcarer and Parent is able to look into the eyes of every prospective employer/employee; and by doing so, make sure they have overcome the inherent problem associated with first time, person-to-person, contact.

• A trusted platform that allows Parent members to meet many potential quality nannies in the time it would normally take to meet just one!

• Live or email support for members.

• An array of discounted Childcare training courses for members, plus many more program offers.

NannyClub realises how hard a process it can be for any Parent to trust a stranger to care for their loved ones. The free and regular live events makes that process to commence with confidence and with lots of quality Childcarers.

How does nannyclub work?

The whole process is pretty simple, speedy and straightforward:-

• Firstly, Parents and Childcarers register for a 1 year membership through the Sign-Up page in the website- NannyClub has three forms of membership for Parents [Standard, Platinum and Diamond], and also three forms of membership for Childcarers [Standard, Silver and Gold]. The Standard memberships for Parents and Childcarers are completely free as there are no membership fees and no attendance fees for the events. The other forms of memberships are low priced and great value for money; as they are premium memberships with generous benefits and invaluable multiple access to nannyclub’s regular events all throughout the year’s duration of the membership.

• Secondly, the newly registered member then books an available event, with email confirmation to follow. NannyClub displays multiple events on its website. There are usually, at least, two events weekly; and they are held in central locations in London. The events are often (and rapidly) fully booked!

• Finally, the member then attends the event, for which email confirmation must have been given, in order to achieve their aims!

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NannyClub is very happy to have created a reassuring and trusting platform that matches Childcarers to Parents. The innovative platform enables and facilitates the meeting of multiple quality Childcarers by each member family. The nannyclub person-to-person events process truly creates a real sense of familiarity, a personal feel and knowledge of the Nanny that a Parent will entrust to care for their family.

Thus, nannyclub wants its members to break, at last, into luminous smiles; and not nightmares!

‘nannyclub’ is an innovative online and offline membership platform where Parents and Childcarers can register and attend regular face-to-face events for free in central locations (Telephone: 0207 97 97 710).

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