Montessori playgroup in South Kensington

South Kensington Children Working is a playgroup where your child discovers and creates. We are a once-a-week inclusive group where parent and child discover the pleasure of working with everyday and natural materials based on the observations of Maria Montessori.

In addition, there will be a book corner, opportunity for children to prepare their own healthy fruit snack and a different activity for practising art techniques. Every session will include small groups for encouraging development of phonological awareness, an essential literacy skill, and will finish with a group for song and dance. Observe and allow your child to guide his own development and reveal himself through his choices. Can’t imagine it? Come have a look with your little one.

Free trial sessions for all new parents. We cater to children aged 2.5- 5 years.

Sessions are limited to 7 accompanied and 2 unaccompanied places. £12 per session.

Drop-ins welcome but limited to availability. Book in advance via email to ensure a place.

Contact: Wen Yong,, 07595329806

There is very limited storage space for buggies and priority will be given to parents bringing a baby sibling along. So if you are coming with your 3 year-old, we strongly encourage you to come buggie-free! All children love long leisurely walks! Follow your child’s needs by ensuring you have plenty of time to get here so your child is free to develop his movement.


I’m a trained Montessori Directress and SEN teacher and have been that for the last 7 years.
Some very authentic Montessori schools often have a very distant relationship with families who
are not too familiar with the approach.

So I started Children Working to allow family members an opportunity to become more familiar
and confident in working with their children and more knowledgeable in what is happening
In the classroom.

The playgroup is a parent-child group that has Montessorian activities and the facilitator (me) will
be showing children how to use them the way I would in a Montessori Children’s House.
There will also be groups, stories, songs, book corners in addition to all that. The current group
serves children aged 2-5 years and we are hoping to start a parent- toddler group as well.

Maria Montessori was the first Italian woman to graduate with a medical degree. She worked in
paediatrics and children with SEN before she started the first Children’s House in an underprivileged area in
San Lorenzo in Italy. From her observations, she developed an extensive theory on child development
which is used in many parts of the world and the approach places heavy emphasis on following children’s
natural needs and interest to support character development which in turns allows for academic achievements.

The group runs term-time every Monday 10-11am and we hope to have it more frequently as well as
start a parent- toddler group. The website is

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