Quality and durable kids’ essentials chosen by mum

Kiddyriffic, one of London Mums favourite brands, sells unique toys, furniture and accessories of the finest quality to provide for the needs of your child.

Here at Kiddyriffic, we seek to combine fun with practicality. Founded by a mumpreneur, we know how hard it is to come by good quality, durable children’s essentials and seek to provide just this!

Whilst we stock traditional toys and games, our range also includes specially designed children’s furniture, bedroom items and fun-filled storage solutions!

Our goal is simple: To give your child the very best start in life.

Interactive Rugs

These rugs brighten up any room with their colourful designs and provide your child with a brilliant stimulus for play! With many different themes – ‘farm’, ‘playhouse’, ‘racing track’ and even ‘traffic’, we are sure to have one that suits your child’s interests!

Removable Wall Stickers

A bright, fun and cheap alterative to redecorating with twice as much fun! These wall stickers involve minimum effort but maximum style and give your child’s wall the cutest finish.

They don’t just stick to walls – in fact, you can use them to decorate any kind of non-porous surface – walls, ceilings, windows, furniture and even existing wall paper!

Silly Soft Seating

A combination of cuddly toy and toddler seat, these characters are sure to make friends with your child! Each consists of three soft, sturdy, light-weight pieces which can be taken apart and used as seats.

Free from sharp edges or loose pieces, they are perfect for the inquisitive tot!


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