How many gloves and mittens will our little ones loose this winter?

This winter we won’t be misplacing any gloves and mittens. We have finally found GLOVE CLIPS to sort out this!

The glove clips are also great gifts for any baby, toddler and school child too and the solution to NEVER LOSE A PAIR OF GLOVES AGAIN.

We got them from a newly launched website called WWW.GLOVECLIPSANDMITTENCLIPS.COM

The site has a nice little story behind. As you can guess a mumpreneur came up with this… “Hunting for lost gloves became a typical daily pursuit in our house. Usually on the days we were running late for school. Sometimes we found them… often they’d turn up in the Lost Property boxes at School or Nursery.

I became quite friendly with the Glove stall owner at our local market in the end; I bought so many new pairs!” With 3 children under the age of 10, Donna Bright, founder of put an end to this frustrating cycle by designing Glove Clips for her own children. Coordinating the strap designs with their winter coats, her children thought they were, ‘quite cool’ and they became a talking point in the school playground. Mums thought they were a great idea and her children’s Classmates kept asking for their own pair. “The great thing is they do actually work! The children think they’re a fashion accessory and the Mums are glad for one thing less to do on their way out of the house!”

The Glove and Mitten clips simply clip to the glove at one end and to the Coat sleeve with the other.

Donna began marketing the Glove & Mitten Clips at ‘Monkeys from Heaven’ her Handmade Childrens Clothing & Gifts website Two years later, the range has been extended significantly to over 40 designs, now warranting a website of its own.

They currently stock Glove and Mitten Clip Collections for: Babies & Toddlers, Girls, Boys & Adults. They are great New Baby Gifts, for Nursery, School, Skiing and About Town.

At, they exclusively sell Glove Clips and Mitten Clips in over 40 designs. There is something for everyone. A great choice for fans of Peppa Pig, Dinosaurs, Hello Kitty and Fairies. There are also have smarter Coloured and Patterned Clips, such as our popular Red Polkadot and Navy Stars designs. We even have Silver Glove Clips for Grandad and White ones for the Skiiers in the family!

The company is based in Buckinghamshire, in the UK, and is proud to say that all products are HANDMADE IN ENGLAND.

For further information, please contact Donna at

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