From mum to mumpreneur: mum of two Emily becomes the inventor of Bundlebean

A few weeks ago I received a phone call from Emily saying ‘I just remembered I am London Mum number 30’! It made my day. Mum of 2, Emily Goodall, is not only an active London Mum but also the founder and inventor of BundleBean, the only 5-in-1 waterproof baby blanket with an ingenious and unique design that means it fits snugly on to all buggies, bike seats, baby carriers, infant car seats and can open out flat for use as a picnic rug or play mat. Emily invented BundleBean after becoming frustrated at the amount of expensive kit required to keep her new baby warm and dry in different circumstances.

Emily now sells her multifunctional product in Halfords, Mothercare, Asda and During the development process, she has learnt how to design a product, get it manufactured, marketed and distributed. What an achievement!

Here are brilliant things about BundleBeans:

· You can use a BundleBean is five (yes FIVE!!) different ways: buggy, bikeseat, car seat, carrier or picnic rug/play mat. Can you think of more?

· BundleBean is waterproof AND warm!

· Caught short? BundleBeans make great impromptu nappy changing mats….

· Easy to put on, take off, put on, take off….as you go in and out of shops and experience four seasons (and mood swings) in one day

· BundleBeans can handle any weather, from rain and snow to chilly winds and those funny old days when you just don’t know what it will do next. Little beans will stay cosy AND dry, without overheating and any unnecessary faff getting cosy toes unzipped / fed through harness straps etc

· BundleBean rolls up in to a neat little…erm…bundle! It fixes neatly with its own strap or can be stuffed back into its PVC tube….it’s so small it can fit in a change bag

· No need to buy a new cover as your tiddler becomes a toddler – one BundleBean will last for as long as they need it

· If your bundle falls asleep, you can put on (or take off) a BundleBean without waking them in whatever mode you are using it

· You can use them as picnic blankets –perfect for enjoying the five minute long British summer

· BundleBean washes up a dream (forty degrees, no tumble drying please) and dries in a jiffy

· The pouch pocket keeps hands cosy, just in case your child is in the majority that just won’t keep both gloves ON! It is equally welcome by mum or dad when using BB in baby carrier mode.

· Wet swing / seesaw / bench? BundleBean loves keeping your bottom dry too….

· Stick to classic Pink for girls, Blue for boys and or go chic with our plain Black….

· When damp and chilly after a swim in the sea, wrap up in the cosiest blanket about

· Opened out flat, BundleBean makes a great play mat – perfect for messy children in clean houses or clean children in messy places!!

· Wet dog in the back of car….get Rover to sit on a BundleBean

· We’ve had BundleBean tested to rigorous health and safety standards

· BundleBean is only £29.99 which we think is a total bargain!!! Available in Asda, Halfords,, Amazon or from our very own website:

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