Baby Sensory’s ‘Say Hello to the Sun’ ranks UK Number One in Kids iTunes Chart Knocking ‘Baby Shark’ off the Top Spot

The 20 year-old song inspired by the Earth’s natural elements also beat Elton John’s ‘Can you Feel the Love Tonight’ and Toy Story’s ‘You’ve Got a Friend in Me’ by Randy Newman.

Popular preschool sensory class provider, Baby Sensory (, has been celebrating its historic chart victory recently, having reached number one in the children’s UK singles charts with its signature song ‘Say Hello to the Sun’ which knocked Pinkfong’s ‘Baby Shark’ off of the top spot on Thursday 28 February.  

Taking inspiration from the planet’s natural elements, the original founder of Baby Sensory and renowned child development expert, Dr Lin Day, first wrote ‘Say Hello to the Sun’ almost 20 years ago while on a beach in France. 

Since 2003 the song has been sung by parents and their babies at the start of every Baby Sensory class and last week more than 30,400 babies across the UK alone, attended classes and sung along to the popular welcome tune.  The song introduces babies and young toddlers to the sun, moon, stars and the natural world around them.

Songwriter and founder of Baby Sensory, Dr Lin Day explained: “Over 20 years ago, I was sitting on a beach in France, the sun was shining and I could still see the moon in the afternoon sky.  The sight inspired me to write the ‘Say Hello to the Sun’ lyrics and the melody for the children at my nursery school. The song focuses on the things that are important to us and make us feel happy while the lyrics include the word ‘love’, which spells warmth, nurture and care.”

Over the years the song has had a powerful impact on thousands of parents and babies with numerous stories of how the familiarity of a soothing melody can make the world of difference right from birth.

Local mum shares video of baby Pippa’s reaction to hearing the infamous song:

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Listen to ‘Say Hello to the Sunhere:

More than 42,000 parents attend Baby Sensory classes every week across the globe.  Steeped in history and having won multiple awards both nationally and internationally since 2008, Baby Sensory was also the very first baby programme to offer a complete class-based approach to learning and development from birth to 13 months.

Multi-award winning Baby Sensory provides a range of parent and child sensory activity-based class experiences across the UK and overseas. Classes are aimed at parents and babies (from birth up to 13 months of age) and are designed to enhance early years learning and development through exploratory sensory play while allowing parents to spend quality time with their baby in a safe, established, nurturing environment led by qualified, knowledgeable class leaders. Baby Sensory is part of the WOW World Group a founding member of the Children’s Activities Association having gained international recognition for its programmes, which include Baby Sensory, Toddler Sense, Mini Professors, Reading Fairy and Photo Sensory as well as adult classes, KeepaBeat.

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