Baby Sensory launches exclusive ‘Hello Baby Massage’ classes nationwide

Multi-award winning, early years sensory experience provider, Baby Sensory, has launched Hello Baby Massage classes designed exclusively for new babies from birth up to 3 months of age.  An extension to its popular sensory classes, the sessions, which focus on the ‘power of touch’, include baby massage, hand, foot and ear reflexology, baby yoga, sensory activities, bonding techniques, back-to-womb containment and several early communication methods.

The sessions have been created in response to various studies, which have shown that children who are given plenty of physical affection from birth show more task-orientated behaviour, less solitary play and less aggression at school.  The positive effects of massage have also been noted in children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), autism, Down syndrome, dermatitis, stress and immune function disorders and in adults with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Parkinson’s disease and osteoarthritis.  Babies with Down syndrome have improved muscle tone and show a better performance on motor tasks following regular massage. 

Dr Lin Day, baby development expert and founder of Baby Sensory, explains:“Many of the touch therapies that have been practised for thousands of years in cultures across the world are now gaining acceptance as intervention or therapeutic therapies. Skin-to-skin and massage for example, can produce positive benefits for babies with colic and constipation, respiratory and sleep problems. They also stimulate nerves in the brain that aid digestion and are particularly beneficial for babies with feeding difficulties, and for infants with health problems.”

Hello Baby Massage classes are currently being delivered across more than 120 different regions in the UK, byfully trained Baby Sensory Hello Baby Instructors (BSHBI).  Each 60-minute, interactive, baby-led session includes a rest-break, which follows your baby’s natural play-rest-play cycle and provides an ideal opportunity for parents to meet other like-minded parents and share ideas and experiences.

Dr Day continued: “Through baby massage, the muscles receive a good circulation of blood, which strengthens them for movement. The circulatory system in the hands and feet of the newborn is undeveloped: massage helps them to become warm. Massage also opens the pores and encourages the release of sebum, which prevents microorganisms from entering the baby’s body. Babies crave physical contact and those who are regularly held have a more stable heart and breathing rate and are often less tense and irritable.”

Other key benefits of baby massage include:

  • Decreased stress and anxiety
  • Improved circulation
  • Restful sleep
  • Improved feeding patterns 
  • Improved muscle flexibility and motor function
  • A happier, healthier baby

Please visit for more information or to find local classes across the UK.

Baby Sensory provides a range of parent and child sensory activity-based class experiences across the UK and overseas. Classes are aimed at parents and babies (from birth up to 13 months of age) and are designed to enhance early years learning and development through exploratory sensory play while allowing parents to spend quality time with their baby in a safe, established, nurturing environment led by qualified, knowledgeable class leaders. 

Baby Sensory is part of the WOW World Group a founding member of the Children’s Activities Association having gained international recognition for its programmes, which include Baby Sensory, Toddler Sense, Mini Professors, Reading Fairy and Photo Sensory as well as adult classes and KeepaBeat.

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