Baby massage and baby yoga courses in North London

Tuesday mornings

10.00am Baby Massage
11.00am Baby yoga
Avenue House, East End Road, London N3 3QE

Baby massage course
– we concentrate a lot on baby’s internal organs and help to strengthen and develop systems such as digestive, immune and respiratory. We focus on helping mums with baby ailments such as wind, constipation, colic, congestion and poor sleeping patterns. Massage is designed to help babies relax, both physically and mentally; as with massage babies have a rush of oxytocin hormone which will help babies to sleep better. Also massage enhances the bonding experience for mums/dads and babies as this is normally the first form of activity mums do with little ones.

Baby yoga course – the babies are a little older (around 2 months onwards) and will be looking for more stimulation and activity. We again build week on week on a baby yoga routine so that you can practise at home and learn each move perfectly. We start the classes with our ‘mummy time’ so you get to breath, relax and stretch away the tension from carrying heavy bags, feeding baby with poor posture and still recovering from birth. We then warm babies up with a dry massage (so we wont take their clothes off ) and once they are all warmed up we then start our yoga moves. There is a lot of singing and we bounce babies and have lots of fun whilst helping mums tone up too. We have certain cross over moves which help babies with neural development as these moves are designed to help babies engage both sides of their brains. This is particularly important for babies when they wish to start crawling and using both sides of their bodies.

All our classes are small, intimate and baby led so if you need to give baby a cuddle, feed or change baby then that is what you do. Please do not worry as babies will and do cry (that’s just what babies do) and we are in a forum of mums (so we all know what it is like). Most of the time mums do what they need and just watch and join back in when best suitable for them and their baby. The handouts each week are very clear and designed to help you have a practise at home. Also we re cap each area the week/s after so you will be confident in knowing the whole routine by the end of the 5 weeks. we provide everything you need for the course including mats, towels, oils (for massage) and wipes.

For more information and to register please contact Sharona IPTI Certified baby massage and Baby Yoga Instructor
on 07582069378 –

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