Are we more safety conscious than our parents? A new survey reveals a change in attitude

If you think back to when you were a young child, can you remember your mum’s approach to safety? A new study by the UK home safety brand Lindam has revealed that nearly eight in ten mums believe their own mums were not overly safety conscious when they were children. But despite this, nearly 30% would still trust her over their mother-in-law when it comes to their babies’ safety.

As a child starts to discover the world it’s inevitable that they will experience the odd bump and occasional bang but today’s mums are more safety conscious than ever. In fact, today’s mums are so aware of the dangers in the home that three in five of them said they would cut back on other things to buy a safety product.

So why the change in attitude? Dr Amanda Gummer is a leading authority on child development, play and parenting with over 20 years experience. She states: “These findings suggest that the main concern of today’s mums is to give their children the safest start in life. That’s not to say their own parents didn’t want this, but times have changed and today’s mums need to be more adaptable. Naturally, they will parent differently to how their own parents did.

“Nowadays mums – especially those with two or more children – have so much to get through each day and sometimes standards can slip. This research suggests today’s mums are not prepared to compromise when it comes to their children’s safety. It’s easier to speak to your own mum about how you want things done, which may be why mums today would trust them over their in-laws.”

Claire Rayner, a spokesperson for Lindam, adds: “This poll gives valuable insight into the thinking of today’s mums and confirms the importance of safety in the home. Even with some of today’s mums having less time on their hands, it’s good to know that their approach to safety is uncompromised.”

The poll also showed that 80 per cent of ‘first time mums’ bought a safety gate for their child, whereas second time mums list playpens, cupboard and draw locks, appliance latches, oven guards and corner cusions as the most important items to have in the home. However, even with all the added precautions, 65 per cent of mums admitted to their little one taking a tumble in the home, listing the garden, the lounge and in the kitchen as the top three places where their children have had accidents.

That said, most parents are aware of the dangers of the stairs and falling down them is one of the most common toddler accidents. Fitting a safety gate is the quickest and simplest way to prevent your toddler from climbing up or attempting to come down without your supervision but it is important to remember to install the correct type of gate at both the top and bottom of the stairs.

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