Apprentice star Tom Pellereau & Lord Sugar launch Nipper Clipper to tackle children’s nails trimming

It was great to meet and interview inventor and former Apprentice Winner Tom Pellereau in Covent Garden this Tuesday joined by his wife and his super cute 2 weeks old baby Jack at the launch of Nipper Clipper backed by Lord Alan Sugar. Tom is a lovely guy whom everyone loves at work. No surprise Lord Sugar also likes him so much. And he is a dad now! We can expect lots of new inventions aimed at parents in the future.

Lord Sugar and Apprentice winner Tom Pellereau test out their la

the highly anticipated Stylfile collection has seen incredible momentum since its launch last year. Dedicated to making nail shaping effortless, the innovative range of curved nail-grooming tools is designed with a unique S-shape that follows the natural shape of the nail.

Following the success of the innovative Stylfile range of curved nail-grooming tools launched last year dedicated to making nail shaping effortless, inventor Tom Pellereau has spied a gap in the market and is launching his latest problem-solving invention, the Stylfile Nipper Clipper.

Lord Sugar and Apprentice winner Tom Pellereau test out their la

Trimming babies’ nails is a universal problem and a daily struggle for parents but Stylfile’s new product has entered the market to provide a much-needed solution. The new Nipper Clipper is the world’s first baby nail clipper with a safety spy hole, baby nail file and distraction app that allows parents to trim nails safely and correctly. The innovative safety spy hole allows parents to see exactly what they are doing, while using a clipper that is sharp enough to trim and cut nails.

Cutting babies nails is often a daunting and traumatic experience which can result in injuries to both baby and parent. The scissor like action of the Nipper Clipper is smooth, sharp and almost silent, the baby file softens sharp edges, and the unique spy hole means painful accidents will be a thing of the past.

As any parent will know, keeping babies still whilst cutting their nails is a struggle. Stylfile has teamed up with a children’s app developer and an Education and Child Psychologist to combat this, through creation of the first nail clipper distraction app, Timmy Tickle-Baby.

Lord Sugar and Apprentice winner Tom Pellereau test out their la

Timmy Tickle-Baby is a distraction app designed to take babies attention away from the routine and unpleasant task of nail clipping by using a fun, colourful and animated octopus called Timmy. The app has three different control options that are designed to suit babies of different ages so the experience can adapt as they grow. Newborn babies will enjoy the Auto Control, which shows animations of Timmy pretending to be different fruit and characters, and as children start to speak Sound Control is designed to engage them as they make sounds of their own. Finally the Voice Control setting is designed to recognise the parent’s voice to create a reaction on screen and encourages children to copy the sounds themselves.

Lord Sugar and Apprentice winner Tom Pellereau test out their la

By adding three original elements to the standard nail clipper; the spy hole, the baby file and the Timmy Tickle-Baby distraction app, the all new Nipper Clipper allows parents to trim and cut their babies’ nails in a safe and fun way and prevents nail clipping being a stressful and much dreaded task.

Tom Pellereau said:

‘As a new Dad, I am very excited to have created the new Nipper Clipper as I think there is a real gap in the market for a nail clipper that can cut babies’ nails in a safe and controlled manner. By combining our original spy hole feature, baby nail file and distraction app together we think the Nipper Clipper will take out the stress out of cutting your babies nails and make it a fun and easy experience.”

Nipper Clipper is available from Sainsburys and Amazon RRP £9.99. Check for your nearest stockist.

A full interview with Tom about his world of inventions will be published in due course. Watch this space!

Meantime you can see the video from the Q&A with both Tom and Lord Sugar. You won’t be disappointed!

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