4 Tips to help you survive baby-led weaning during lockdown

As lockdown comes into effect, you may be wondering how you are going to make it out with your sanity still intact. While everyone is going to be suffering from cabin fever, this is especially so for those parents who will be confined to their homes with a young baby who have just started baby-led weaning. Here are some tips to help maximise the bonding and to help minimise the stress of the experience.

Reduce mess

It can prove endlessly difficult to undertake any cleaning whatsoever when you have a little one in your arms demanding your attention 24/7, but even more so when you have just started baby-led weaning. Try not to let the accumulating mess cause you anxiety, all the while doing your best to reduce the amount of it that actually piles up. You should make the most of the tools available for you to make the process as easy as possible, instead. For example, using a baby led weaning bib with sleeves will help to significantly reduce the clean-up required after mealtimes.

The Bibado weaning bib is a firm favourite. Not only does it have sleeves to keep baby’s clothes fresh and free from spills and stains, but it also features a longer length. This means that the bottom of the coverall bib can effectively slide over the edge of the high chair to reduce the amount of food that winds up on the floor.

Take turns

Don’t take on every aspect of the childcare on your own if you have a partner who can help to shoulder the responsibility, but especially when it concerns embarking on this new aspect.  It is important to take turns when it comes to watching the little one eating even if one of you is working from home. If both of you are trying to get some work done in between, then all the more reason to tag team! By taking it in turns, your baby will get used to both of you feeding them, and won’t kick up a fuss when the routine is slightly changed. Speaking of the routine…

Get into a good routine

Everything else might seem out of whack in the world, but to your baby, you can try and keep things as normal as possible when it concerns their feeding time. Pick a time that you can stick to every day for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and they will be able to settle into baby-led weaning before you know it.

Eat well with them

Looking after a baby is hard work! So don’t forget to eat lots of healthy food to keep your strength up. A good general rule of thumb is to focus on ‘eating the rainbow’. Grab hold of an array of fruit and veggies in several different colours, and you can be sure that you’re getting an assortment of important vitamins in the process and eat alongside them. This should help encourage them to eat too, without any help from you. Don’t forget your healthy fats and plenty of protein. 

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