10 wardrobe essentials for under twos

Do your children have a better wardrobe than yours? No doubt where you once browsed the shops and couldn’t resist new clothing for yourself, you’ll now regularly spot cute outfits that you simply need to buy for your little one. That’s on top of all the clothing friends and family likely pick up for them too. 

You don’t want to get too carried away though because they’ll have outgrown their wardrobe before you know it. But, you do need to make sure you have the essentials. In the same way you couldn’t forgo nappies, there are a few items of baby clothing that they simply need to have.

So, here are the wardrobe essentials for under twos:

Bodysuits and sleepsuits: These often come in multipacks and tend to be available in velour, cotton, and fleece. They are soft and comfortable against your newborn’s skin and will be worn for around the first six months, if not more. You can choose between long and short sleeves and they will have poppers, so you have easy access to nappies. 


Pramsuit: When creating a shopping list for your newborn, make sure a pram suit is on it. This one-piece design often features detachable mittens and booties, as well as hoods. They are worn when you are out of the house, specifically in colder weather, to keep them warm and snuggly in their pram.


Hat: This means a wool or cotton hat to keep heads warm on cold days and a sun hat to protect their delicate head and eyes from the sun, on warmer days.


T-shirt: When your little one is still a newborn you can pair their babygrow with a pair of trousers if you wish. But, as they get slightly older you can swap this for t-shirts.


Leggings/skirt: Whether you are heading out with the family for lunch or visiting friends, a pair of leggings or a skirt will be perfect to pair with a babygrow or t-shirt, for a smarter look. 


Blouse / Shirt: Once they are a little bit older, you may want to pair a blouse or shirt with their trousers or skirt for a super cute look, that is perfect to start dressing up their outfit.

Baby clothing by Verbaudet

Dungarees: When you have a toddler, rather than a baby, that is starting to progress from crawling to walking, dungarees are the ideal outfit choice. They can be worn over a t-shirt and will be comfortable and smart.


Cardigans: When dressing your baby it is best to layer and cardigans are perfect for this. They can be put on over t-shirts or baby grows when it is cold and taken off when it warms up.


Socks: They might not be walking yet, but socks will keep their feet warm, which is especially important when you head outside. You can also get baby shoes, for extra warmth and protection from cold wind.


Bibs: Bibs are essential and you’ll need to stock up on these because they will protect their clothes and mean you don’t need to change their outfit as often.


Now you have the essentials, you can pick up a few fun or novelty items of clothing too such as a matching babygrow and jumper for mum and baby. Have fun with their wardrobe but ensure the essentials are covered.

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