6 Expert Tips to Speed Up Your Home Move

With 2020 being labelled the “year of change”, new research commissioned by Attic Self Storage, the leading London self-storage provider, reveals that British households are set for further transformations in 2021. More than half of Brits claim they will be improving their homes in the new year, and 1 in 5 are considering taking up the government’s stamp duty holiday relief, which is set to end in March 2021.

To help Brits make the most of the stamp duty holiday and move house efficiently, below are some top tips from leading experts around the UK including Celebrity Organiser Vicky Silverthorn, Interior Designer Matthew Shaw, and Mortgage Advisor Natasha Lee, amongst others, to help you along the way.


  1. Use self-storage to your full advantage

To avoid any unexpected issues on your moving day, such as a delay in moving into your new property, it’s always a great option to put your belongings into temporary storage until you work out plan B. Plus, if your new home needs any TLC before you officially move in, you can leave your stuff in self-storage so you and your contractors don’t have to work around, or risk damaging, your belongings.

– Frederic de Ryckman de Betz – Self Storage Expert

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  1. Understand the process before listing your property

Sellers must make sure they get their own property under offer and their finance in place before going out and viewing the next home. This way, if you see something you like and have an offer accepted, the property will be taken off the market. For buyers, I would recommend that you keep in constant contact with the agents – the use of mailing lists to get properties under offer is becoming less required over time, so make sure that you contact the agents regularly and maintain a good relationship with them.

George Stratis – Estate Agent Managing Director

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  1. Declutter your home before putting it on the market 

Before going on the market, decluttering your home is a must.  The majority of potential buyers looking for their next home don’t always have the imagination to see past the clutter, and in many cases this could put them off buying. This doesn’t mean you have to

start chucking everything out, but try to have a good clear out and pop some

things into self-storage while you try to sell – that way you can clear your house

ready for buyers and you don’t have to throw anything away.

– Matthew Shaw – Interior Designer

  1. Sell unwanted furniture ahead of the move 

Measure up the spaces in your new home to ensure what you have now will fit in the new place. Do this as early as possible, so you can arrange to sell pieces that will not fit in advance – this can also make you a bit of money ahead of the move! The last thing you want is the hassle of moving larger pieces into your home that will eventually need to be removed.

– Vicky Silverthorn – Professional Celebrity Organiser 


  1. Save on your mortgage agreement

If you already have a mortgage on the property you’re selling you may be able to port (move this to your new property) in order to save on penalty fees. It’s important to seek professional mortgage advice on this, as they will assess if it is best for you to stay with your current lender or switch to a new deal. They’ll also help you work out all the associated fees in moving home. With the current stamp duty removal up to £500,000 for first time buyers and home movers, people are taking advantage of savings up to £15,000.

  • Natasha Lee – Mortgage & Protection Specialist


  1. Implement strict storage & labelling systems

Invest in quality storage solutions and labelling systems to ensure your move is as stress free and efficient as possible! Keep track of where and how you are storing certain furnishings and home items, and track this within a spreadsheet, noting the location of each item. Not only does this make your move-in day seamless, as you can quickly find what you’re looking for, but it also provides peace of mind that you haven’t forgotten anything.

  • Chloe Jones – Interiors Instagram Influencer


 For more handy moving tricks as well as advice on how to make improvements in your property as smoothly as possible, download Attic Self Storage’s free Movers & Improvers booklet for top tips from experts across the UK:  https://www.atticstorage.co.uk/blog/home-movers-improvers

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