50 shades of grey hair

Grey hair. When you need it the least, you get more than ever. I barely have time to dry my hair these days let alone style it. Dying the grey out, well not only is that restricted to very special occasions, birthday’s, Christmas, it’s now become an event in itself. I have to schedule it in! By the time the kids are in bed, the washing up & baby’s bottles prepared, dinner cooked (albeit just a pizza/ready-meal) there’s barely time to sneeze.

Let alone spend an hour carefully applying a home dye then sitting motionless in the bathroom – for if I move, the house will be covered in random brown smudges despite having religiously wrapped every strand in the plastic cling-film provided. Then there’s the filthy water which runs away for what seems like a lifetime and still leaves a stain on the towel at the end (because I’ve forgotten to bring in an old towel). Only to be left with a colour distinctly different, and in my case always more red, to the one promised on the box.

But what’s the alternative? Spend £150 and half a day at the hairdressers? No thanks, if I had half a day free there’s plenty of more enjoyable things I’d like to do – sleep being top of that list! And what else would £150 get me? In beauty terms, well spent it could get me a host of fantastic high street products, face-packs, moisturisers, make-up, nail-polish and even some high-end products thrown in for good measure. In other terms it could be a weeks grocery shopping, or a new iphone (on contract)…So am I really going to give it to some random hairdresser, who doesn’t listen to my (very specific) instructions and who I then feel compelled to tip at the end?


My other alternative is to live with the grey. Grey hair in men is considered sexy, the silver fox effect, so why is it such a beauty no-no for women?…Time constraints, mission of equality and general curiosity lead me to stop dying my hair and reveal my silver lining… however this only lasts a couple of weeks before I think it is aging me, a lot, and I come up with a new plan, to use a non-permanent dye to mask the grey and create a beautiful highlighted effect.

To my surprise this gives a pretty good result, so this weeks top tip to dye away grey hair and create gentle, natural highlights is to get yourself a non-permanent home-dye. If you don’t like the result it will wash out after 8-10 washes and you can start again. The main advantage of non-permanent dye is you don’t get the harsh tell-tell re-growth line that comes with permanent dye and highlights, instead you’ll have a gentle overall lightening, which in my book looks a whole lot better, and until I win the lottery, is definitely the way forward and my own personal, far less risqué, 50 shades of grey.

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