5 Tips for adapting a small home to make it suitable for a large family

It can be quite a hassle trying to live in a small home and a large family. Although the love between each other is undeniable, people will often be at each other’s throats and upset with each other. This is a direct result of staying in a tight space with multiple people. When you are stuck in a tight spot with multiple people, you tend to get irritated with each other. There are things you can do to make your living situation much more enjoyable. Here are five tips for making it easier for a large family to live in a small house.

Control the Bathroom Situation

If you’re living in a small house, it’s most likely there are only one or two bathrooms. It is probable one of the bathrooms will be connected to the master bedroom, only available for the parents’ use, or whoever’s occupying the bedroom. There are several different aspects to utilising one or two bathrooms. You have to get the most out of the space available and make sure everyone has the appropriate amount of time inside. Having a double sink vanity helps people get done quicker. The morning is the hardest to control because everyone needs to get ready. The best thing you can do in this situation is set up a morning bathroom schedule and make sure everyone only stays inside for a certain amount of time. For example, everyone has a maximum time of ten minutes. You can also share the parent’s bathroom with the children to get the most out of your time.

Utilising bathroom space is also very important. There is most likely an assortment of unneeded items taking up space in the cabinets and closets. Items like old shampoo, makeup, and toothbrushes can create quite a clutter in the bathroom. Getting rid of these items will clear up a lot of space. You can get rid of this stuff by either using it, giving it away or throwing it away. No matter the method, you will have much more room in the bathroom afterward. You should also make sure to organise all the items in the bathroom. Organising all the items will help clear up space as well as make things easier to find. When things are easier to find in the bathroom, people spend less time inside.

Sharing Bedrooms

Sharing bedrooms is crucial to having success while living in a small home. The whole family needs to understand sacrifices must be made. The key part of this step is putting the right people in the right room. Depending on how many children you have, the number of people in a room will vary. The two parents will most likely share the largest bedroom, while the children will be divided into the remaining bedroom. The easiest way to keep the children from going crazy is to disperse them by gender.

The boys should stay in one room, while the girls remain in the other. This works well because it is most likely the boys will cooperate with each other better than with their sisters. This will prevent much less fighting and arguing in the house, making things much easier for everyone. This is also a big benefit as it will allow your children to get closer to each other. When siblings share rooms, they are much more likely to share information and experiences with each other. They will also most likely develop similar interests. Developing similar interests will result in more time spent together. This frequently happens with both boys and girls.

Another way you can separate the children in rooms is by their relationships with each other. If you notice two siblings do not get along with each other, you can put them in the same room in hopes that they grow closer with each other. You can also do this if you notice two siblings that aren’t very close.

Repurpose Some Rooms

The name of a room doesn’t necessarily have to define it. For example, the living room can be repurposed into other things like a playroom or dining room. Learning how to utilise all the rooms in the house to suit your needs is very important. Open rooms like dining rooms, living rooms, or side dens can all be repurposed. Even a bedroom can act as something else. A bedroom can be converted into an office or workroom. If someone in the house works or does school from home, they can do it in a bedroom.

Another room like the dining room can be used as a schoolwork or playroom. Dining rooms are not usually super large in size, but provide enough space to play with toys or get some homework done. It is also most likely very close to the kitchen, so it is easy to grab an after school snack while doing some homework. You have to utilise all the space in the house to the best of your ability. This will make things easier for everyone and will make your family the most productive they have ever been.

Storing the Clothes

If there are a lot of people in the family, there are most likely a lot of clothes. Aside from hanging up clothes in a closet, you should purchase other items that help to store clothes. Dressers are a great item to help store clothes. They come with multiple drawers allowing for a lot of storage. Every room should have at least one dresser, and there should be other ones placed miscellaneously around the house. This ensures that there is storage for clothes everywhere.

Get the Most out of the Storage Space

A large family means a lot of things to store. Not just clothes need to be stored, but other things like toys and sports equipment. You can purchase dressers and other storage things to hold this stuff. You can also store things in an extra room if there is one available.

Living in a small house with a large family can be hard at times, but it can be made much easier if you take the right steps and do the right things.

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