3 Simple ways to set goals and keep them

As a mum, we often put pressure on ourselves to be the all seeing, all omnipotent parent that is acutely aware of everything their child is doing. We want to be one of those wonder mums that you see in festive Hallmark movies and we crave to have the perfect relationship with our offspring. However, being a parent is much tougher than any glossy TV movie would have you believe. Your love for your children is unconditional but it still doesn’t mean you don’t find it tough to be their confidante, their friend, and their teacher. You need to set manageable goals for yourself as a parent. Take a look at how simple goal setting can be the key to a more fulfilling style of parenthood.

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Eat Together

The goal of eating together is admirable but can seem nigh on impossible. If your little cherubs are not so little anymore, the chances are that they are pushing boundaries to find more freedom. They might want to retreat into the privacy of their bedrooms, they might crave being able to stay out later at night, and they might not want to eat at the dinner table. Set a goal of eating at the table as a family three times a week. This level of compromise shows your kids that you are willing to give them some leeway. This can turn into a mutual respect, allowing you to get your family meal time so you can take an interest in one another’s lives.



Finding stability during the global pandemic can be tough. We cannot underestimate the effect that a health crisis of such magnitude has on our little ones. If they see you worried, anxious and stressed, they will echo these feelings. Think about how you can develop a more stable home environment for them during these uncertain times. Embrace flexible working and set up a home office. Being at home more often and seeing your kids at all moments of the day can be fulfilling for both you and your offspring. Ensure that any structure within the family is solidified. If your partner is a foreign national, seek indefinite leave to remain to help provide a more stable figure in the household. Ensure that you ask your kids if they are okay, share concerns and worries as a family, and have a solution minded approach to goal setting.

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Choose Manageable Chunks

When you set yourself a goal, don’t make them too vague or too open ended. A goal to lose weight is relatively meaningless and doesn’t give you anything quantifiable to work towards. Instead, think about turning this goal into losing two pounds in a week. Or perhaps you want to show up at three football games a year when your little striker is picked for the first team. Goals that are manageable and time specific have more chance of being achieved. Think about your parental goals. Do you want to be more present in their lives? Do you want to spend more weekends doing family activities? Think of practical solutions and set short term goals.


Setting goals is something we do without even realising it. Follow this guide and you can achieve yours with ease.

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