10 signs that you’re a true romantic in the modern age

Bird & Blend Tea Co. has conducted a fascinating study uncovering the telltale signs that genuine romance still thrives in today’s modern world.

Surveying 2,014 Brits, the study revealed intriguing insights into contemporary romantic gestures. Surprisingly, the simple act of making your partner a cup of tea ranked highest, with 55% of respondents valuing it over having their partner’s photo as a screensaver (44%).

 Love Potion

Other acts of affection on the list included sharing a Netflix password (16%) and allowing your partner to choose the Deliveroo order (12%). To celebrate tea’s top position as the ultimate romantic gesture, Bird & Blend Tea is offering complimentary sweet treats, including samples of Love Hearts Tea and Swizzels Love Hearts sweets, with every purchase of their limited edition drink special ‘Love Hearts on Ice’ in the lead-up to Valentine’s Day at all UK stores.

The top ten signs of true romance, as determined by Brits aged 18 and over, are as follows:

  1. Making your partner a cup of tea in bed – 55%
  2. Having a picture of your other half as your screensaver – 44%
  3. Having a pet name for your partner – 39%
  4. Not watching your partner’s favorite TV show without them – 35%
  5. Deleting all your dating apps – 22%
  6. Never posting a picture of your partner without asking them first – 20%
  7. Not sliding into anyone else’s DMs – 20%
  8. Liking all your partner’s Insta memes and reels – 20%
  9. Sharing your Netflix password with your partner – 16%
  10. Letting them choose the Deliveroo – 12%

Making your partner a cup of tea in bed

Additionally, having a pet name for each other (39%) and refraining from watching your favorite show without your partner (35%) were considered significant expressions of affection.

love hearts tea spoon

However, traditional romantic gestures such as getting a tattoo of your partner’s name (43%), serenading (36%), writing poetry (32%), and bed decoration with petals (29%) were viewed as outdated. Moreover, sending love letters (24%) and spending hours talking on the phone (19%) were not well-received by some.

Interestingly, 86% of respondents expressed regret that traditional romantic acts like writing love letters or giving flowers are no longer in vogue, with 72% hopeful that these gestures will eventually make a comeback.


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