Media opportunity for couples trying to conceive -New Channel 4 Documentary Series – Participants needed

New Channel 4 Documentary Series – Participants needed:
Ground-breaking new Channel 4 series exploring the potential health benefits of everyday foods in treating a wide range of symptoms, ailments and illnesses. Channel 4 are looking for people who would be interested in visiting The Food Hospital.

Are you currently trying to conceive? Would you like to learn about the possible health benefits of food on fertility and conception? Would you be interested in advice on what foods to avoid or enjoy during pregnancy?

We are looking for couples who are trying to conceive and would like to find about more about The Food Hospital.

Patients will be advised by our team of medical experts, including a GP, a specialist medical Consultant and a leading Dietitian.

Please get in touch for more information.

Call Laura on 0207 907 0886 or email

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