A heartfelt Heart for Tsunami victims

Although it was back in 2011 that we were all horrified at the effects of the Tsunami in Japan we tend to then forget it happened and move on but the wounds it caused in people and spaces are just starting to heal.

I recently met Mary Atkinson who has been really involved in bringing some healing to Japan in the simplest yet most powerful way, through human touch. She has been a complete inspiration to me.


Mary has published many massage books including the most recent and completely amazing ‘Once upon a touch…. Story massage for children’, which she co-wrote with Sandra Hooper (available from iTunes, Amazon or the website: www.storymassage.co.uk/book).

In 2012 when she was talking about Story massage at a conference she was approached by Cocoro Charity to take story massage to the children that had been affected by this natural disaster, to help them come to terms with their loss.

Thoughtfully and carefully she designed the perfect story to take with her and this story came to life in peer-to-peer massage between these children who were hurting. The story was based on the healing power of nature – reminding them that we need water in every day lives and it isn’t always destructive, it also helps things grow. The massage had all the benefits of massage in the body including the all powerful rise of the Oxytocin hormone, the one that helps us feel good and connected and therefore feel emotionally ‘held’ through touch.

This was such a positive experience that Cocoro has been since training more people in the area to deliver massage to others. With every massage they leave a red felt heart and show photographs of different people in the world who are sending those hearts over to Japan. We are thinking of them, and that is what we can show through the ‘Heartfelt Project’.

heart felt for Japan lady and heart

Simply email a photograph of you holding a red felt heart wherever you are – if you can include a flag, road sign or something that shows where you live it makes it more exciting! Love is coming from all directions. If you’d like to send a red felt heart (with small donation) to the project, then it will be sent directly to Japan to show your heartfelt support.

If you also want to bring the benefits of the beautiful story massage to the children who are close to you do get Mary and Sandra’s ebook, out soon as a printed book. It is a resource anybody who has contact with children should have. We love it at home and the children have now made it their own, it is an amazing tool to boost their creativity and empower children to own their bodies.

If you want to make a donation to the Heartfelt Project you can make a bank transfer to the COCORO – Account with HSBC – Sort code: 40-17-16 Account: 42015714

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