Career opportunity: What to help an ethical online store of children’s clothes grow?

Did you ever wish you could have a new career opportunity and a more positive impact on the world with your work?  Moved by just that desire three years ago I had a fabulous idea, quit my job as a management consultant and created Big Blue Cuddle, an online store of baby and children’s clothes that introduces new brands in the UK and raises funds for children charities at the same time.

I now want to grow the business and I’m looking for others to come on board and help me realize the business’ full potential.

One of the brands sold on Big Blue Cuddle

One of the brands sold on Big Blue Cuddle

Big Blue Cuddle stocks up and coming brands who are new to the UK market and who generously give a selection of their stock at a big discount.  The clothes are then sold online at the regular price but, thanks to the discount received up front, 15% to 50% of the value of each purchase is donated to the children’s charity picked by the customer.

So at the end everybody wins:

  •  Suppliers have a good solution for their surplus stock, start getting noticed in the UK market and build a reputation as a “good” brand in a relevant and understated way
  • Customers discover new brands, buy great clothes which are truly different from anything else available on the high street and have the satisfaction of having helped raise funds for a good cause without spending anything extra
  • Charities receive funds that can make a big difference and raise awareness about their projects and cause.

Big Blue Cuddle now counts on the ongoing support of 30 suppliers and has been receiving some great feedback from customers, suppliers, business experts and the press. It is now time to bring the business to the next phase of growth but I realize I can’t do it alone.  I would like to team up with somebody who has experience in retail or e-commerce and who is as passionate as I am about running a for profit business that also supports good causes.

Moomkids suit sold on Big Blue Cuddle

Moomkids suit sold on Big Blue Cuddle

This person can join as a partner or, for example, as a non-executive director and could be a mother who, like me, wants to balance a family with a desire to put her professional skills to good use in a flexible and enterprising environment.

If you’re interested, or know people who might be, please contact me on so we can arrange to meet and chat around a cup of coffee or glass of wine.

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