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Hello London Mums …

As winter’s frost blankets our beloved city, I’m thrilled to unveil the latest London Mums’ winter / Christmas 2023-2024 magazine. Inside, we’ve cooked up a delicious stew of fascinating stories that’ll tickle your fancy and warm your heart as well as and exclusive discounts and readers’ offers.

Our cover star, Esther Abrami, isn’t your grandma’s classical musician. She’s rewriting the score, making classical music cool for the next generation. Her reimagined film soundtracks serve as a gateway to this timeless genre, captivating young enthusiasts. Esther’s journey, from music school prodigy to ‘Social Media Superstar’ and ‘Rising Star,’ rivals a Beethoven crescendo.

London Mums magazine WINTER ISSUE 40

But wait, there’s more! We feature not one, but two musical mamas. Izzy Judd gracefully balances motherhood with a dazzling career as a violin virtuoso. Then there’s Deniece Pearson, lead diva of FIVE STAR, still shining after four decades in the music industry. Her latest single, ‘Forever Young,’ is your ticket to a timeless groove.

Deniece’s path from chart-topping glory to triumphant comebacks is a lesson in resilience. Her new album is as enticing as mulled wine on a December night.

Kimberly Cunningham, our agony aunt for this issue and Child Development Sorceress, imparts wisdom on childhood magic through play. She has more tricks up her sleeve than a magician at a kid’s party.

In the spirit of spreading holiday cheer, our bloggers have curated the ultimate Christmas wish list. Every London Mum can channel their inner Santa like a pro.

Readers’ exclusive discounts and offers

Readers' exclusive discounts and offers

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Readers' exclusive discounts and offers



The London Mums team poured their hearts into this Winter wonder, hoping it warms yours as much as it did ours.

With frosty hugs and merry wishes,

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