September 2011 Newsletter

Dear London Mums

School and nursery are finally starting again and it will feel like going on holiday for us mums! As school preparations get underway check out our ‘back to school’ feature including school essentials, handwriting tips, colouring and being creative, facts on the true cost of school bags, gluten free school lunch ideas and school fundraising tips (for PTA activists).

As school time approaches I become nostalgic of the new notebooks and books’ smells, colourful school diaries, crayons and pens. And school is so much nicer these days where kids seem to learn while having lots of fun. When I went to primary school in Italy in the Seventies we learnt the ABC by writing pages full of the same letters. Repetition was key in the learning process then. These days intuition seems to play a much bigger role. And the kids are so much more enthusiastic when it comes to school. The teachers seem all so gentle and kind, almost mother-like with our children. As a mum I feel so grateful to my son’s teachers for all they do in the time my son spends at school. A teacher’s job is so tough and carries so much responsibility.

At the end of July we opened up the London Mums website to guest bloggers and we have already received lots of positive feedback on our bloggers’ rants and views: check our mumpreneur’s rant (Are you ready to be a Mumpreneur? By Maria Johnson), our amazing Baby Photographer’s tips about photography but also business and life, and our mummy photographer’s experience with creativity.

Competition time is back and this month there are amazing prizes up for grabs i.e. Crayola products in bundles, a gorgeous Mother’s bag by Rosebud London, 2 ONLY FOOLS AND HORSES COMPLETE ANNIVERSARY DVD BOXSETS, Driver Dan DVDs, tickets for the Baby Show (Earls’ Court) and for the Alternative Family Show.
You can enter our competitions to get even more freebies this September!

Also this is the last month time for all of you to over 500£ worth in prizes for our photography competition. Don’t miss this great opportunity especially if you are a mumpreneur. Check why here… (

To search for local activities check under the section ‘Activities’ and look for either your London area or the day of the week. There are lots of new classes you can join locally including fencing, drama, baby classes where you can meet mums like you.
If you are based in SW London (Putney area) and are looking for a relaxed playgroup, please email to register for our London Mums playgroup starting again on 26th September at Eddie Catz in Putney. Our mums love it because they find the sessions ‘therapeutical’ and the kids love the mix of art & craft, music and dance.

Similarly if you are after events across London, check our popular events’ calendar.

We have added quite a few new events for the coming months including the London Mums Christmas party on 18th November 2011.

Last but not least if you fancy getting fit while having lots of fun, join our mums’ fencing club in SW London

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