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School could not come soon enough but at the same time going back to school can be a tricky process for young children and parents. Admittedly my son and I ticked all boxes in a research from Explore Learning that has found what parents say their kids most worry about when returning to school. It’s no surprise that kids dread going back to school, 56% say kids struggle to get back into the school routine, 50% say early mornings are the hardest, 50% of parents in the UK pointed to the early morning starts and a third of kids struggle to cope with the reintroduction of homework.

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For me in particular this new school year means a lot as it is Diego’s last in primary school and is the dawn of secondary school, whose prospect and process scares me a bit too. This is why I have gathered a few experts to guide me in this journey and this newsletter is filled with great advice on schooling (across all schools and nurseries). I hope you find it as useful as I have.

Homework and exams

agony aunt parent practice homework

How to avoid Summer regression

Tutoring to support children’s preparation for entry tests like 11 plus exams

Top Tips On Finding The Perfect Tutor For Your Child

Helping your child with times tables

Schooling: How to make school homework fun for children

Easy ways to make maths fun for kids

How to help children conquer the fear of failure

How to Help Your Teenager Achieve at Exam Time


Tips for mums for the school run (if you are driving)

driving mistakes woman

Driving Mistakes Mums Make (and How to Avoid Them)



The Gloriumptious Worlds of Roald Dahl book

London Mums’ Book of the month for this back to school newsletter is The Gloriumptious Worlds of Roald Dahl.


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Enjoy going back to school!


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