July & August 2012 Newsletter

Dear London Mums

The event we have been awaiting for so long is almost here! The London 2012 Olympic Games have arrived in London on 27th June with the Rings being displayed at Tower Bridge. I feel quite emotional. This bumper newsletter covers July and August including a few exclusive Olympic related stories. Enjoy them!

Exclusive interview with Team GB Olympics hopeful Jeanette Kwakye

Olympic Torch Relay exclusive fun story called The Olympic Torch comes to town by Paul Robinson

FREE Olympic un-ticketed events for families & useful linkes to get the most out of the Games

No prams at London 2012! Are you are a sling or pram mummy or daddy?

Top tips for hiring an au pair

Swimming games to help kids feel safe in water

Why first aid is important

The most popular piece this month was my response to Cherie Blair attack to stay-at-home mums. If you have a strong opinion on this, feel free to leave your comment here: Sorry Cherie Blair, but we are proud and efficient home mums & mumpreneurs!

GREYHOUND BARKS AT No.10 TO LAUNCH BOOK: This is a true story of a dog who helps children reading. It is definitely one of the literary highlights of the summer (for us, of course)!
Reading is a great fun activity both for outdoor and indoor plus you can make up role plays based on your stories. We have reviewed lots of kids’ books which you can get from libraries at no cost. Check out some of London Mums’ favourite BOOKS.

Parent pack for child body confidence launched: Important government information to help kids being confident with their body image.

Summer in the City: A list of essential products to help you survive the summer in London.

If you are looking for FREE or affordable family events during the Olympic Games check our Olympic pages in the London Mums magazine.

The London Mums magazine covers Olympics sports that will inspire kids, free and affordable fun, Olympic facts. If you need mobile childcare close to the Olympic sites please be aware that
there will be an Olympic Pop-Up nursery available. The Olympic pop-up will be running everyday for the duration of the days on a per session basis. www.spottedzebra.co.uk

To keep kids entertained this summer with indoor/outdoor activities at the comfort of your home just check our GET CREATIVE SECTION with lots of ideas for art & craft and other games that will cost you NOTHING whilst providing lots of fun.

If you want to be inspired by other mumpreneurs’ stories here are our favourite this summer:

Mumpreneurs’ testimonial: Yummy Strawberries with the seal of approval of our London Mayor!

Mumpreneur’s testimonial: how Karina fulfilled her dreams by making babies have sweet dreams

Mumpreneur’s testimonial: London based osteopath achieves childhood Olympic ambition

If you are looking for local activities during this amazing 2012 summer check under the section ‘ACTIVITIES’ either under your London area or day of the week. We update these activities’ pages on a daily basis. You can also check our Events’ calendar for special events or things to do during half term, bank holiday weekends and summer holidays.

If you are still looking for Jubilympic memorabilia to collect or to buy as gifts for your friends check our Best of British guide.

Our FREE Gift Bag for every new registered mum campaign is ongoing. Let your friends know to REGISTER ONLINE NOW!

Last but not least, we post new competitions and articles every day in our blog and send them out only via Twitter and Facebook. If you want to connect more with your fellow mums, follow us on both social media groups (see details below). We won’t be sending out other newsletters until September but we will keep reporting about Olympics and other interesting events for families throughout the summer. We also update our FEED THE FAMILY section with lots of recipes sent by mums so if you look for gastronomic inspiration check our dedicated RECIPE section.

Keep waving your flags this summer, enjoy the Olympic Games and send us your funniest 2012 images via our Facebook Group page!



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