Kids Club: Child reporter Diego builds a Hydraulic Robotic Arm

You may well remember me as the little scientist who has created videos to teach kids how to learn science in a fun way. As part of that and also trying to learn some engineering skills I have now built a Hydraulic Robotic Arm using a special kit. Here is my handwritten review. Boys and girls alike will both enjoy this educational toy and will learn lots about the physics behind a robot.

Robotic arm little scientist engineering collage

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Watch the video here: 

he Hydraulic Robotic Arm kit includes a 3 dimensional model demonstrating a hydraulic power system. The arm function uses some of the same principles that drive real world machines; it can lift small items horizontally and rotate 90°. Made from die-cut plywood, the frame is precisely cut and can be assembled in at least 2 hours – if it’s done by a 8 year old child. Standing at 37cm high, and stretching up to 49cm, the hydraulic arm needs no battery, simply add water to put it to the test!


robotic helping hand toy 1701_hydraulic-robotic-arm-lowresrobotic helping hand toy 1701_white-hydraulic-robotic-arm-lowresrobotic helping hand toy engineering 1701_arm-1-lowres

  • Material: Die- cut plywood
  • Frame precisely cut and easy to assemble
  • 90° rotation
  • Demonstrates hydraulic power systems
  • Lifts small items horizontally
  • Age: 8+

The HYDRAULIC ROBOTIC ARM KIT costs £18.95 from Genie Gadgets

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