Kids Club: Diego reviews tablet / laptop Venturer BravoWin 10KT

I love gadgets so much… Here is one of my favourite tiny computers which is ideal for children. I use the Venturer BravoWin 10KT to do my year 5 school homework (My Maths and Powerpoint presentations), to watch Shaun the Sheep on YouTube, to listen to my favourite music and to play chess.  I will take it with me during the Easter holidays as my entertainment on the go as it has up to 8 hours usage whilst travelling. I love the fact that I can use it as a tablet and a laptop. Watch my video review below.

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The 2-in-1 mini notebook 10.1” BravoWin 10KT at £149.99 is the perfect first laptop for kids who are about to attend secondary school or for anyone looking to get online and work without a huge expense. The Venturer tablet was also tested alongside the Surface 3, Lenovo and Asus devices at heights of 0.7m and 1.2m in a factory drop test which involves dropping the same device on at least 6 different sides and corners. The only tablets that passed at 1.2M were the Venturer ones because the housing of separate end parts provides the housing and the screen more protection.



The BravoWin 10KT is equipped with Windows 10 and Office Mobile.



Unlike other more expensive tablets on the market, the Venturer convertible tablets are equipped with a detachable smart keyboard that has a pressure sensing trackpad which clips on magnetically so it can be used as a stand-alone tablet or quickly transformed into a working laptop, making it easier to type, work and surf the internet.



With an Intel Atom Core 4 processor, 2GB RAM and 32GB of memory, they offer a quick and responsive user experience with the ability to access the internet within seconds and an expandable storage space for photos, videos, music and work files. The 2MP dual cameras allow you to take photos or videos, skype your friends or a make a conference call at work producing good quality images and videos.



The BravoWin 10KT has a 10.1” 1280 x 800 display and comes with all the key software from Office Mobile you require, including Word Mobile, Excel Mobile, Powerpoint Mobile and OneNote. 


With a headphone, micro and regular USB port to attach or charge other devices and an HDMI output allowing you to easily connect to your TV for an enhanced viewing experience, the Venturer tablets have all the necessary outputs for a great multimedia experience.


The Venturer BravoWin 10KT is available from Amazon RRP £149.99





 •             BravoWin 10KT Screen 10" 1280 x 800 IPS / EliteWin 11KT 1366 x 768 IPS
 •             OS Windows 10
 •             BravoWin 10KT: Office Mobile is included
 •             EliteWin 11KT: One month trial for Office 365
 •             Touch Panel Multi Points Capacitive Touch
 •             Memory & Storage 2GB RAM, 32GB Flash
 •             Connectivity Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n
 •             Bluetooth 4.0
 •             Camera (MP) Front/Rear 2MP Front / 2MP Rear
 •             Connectors: Micro SD, Micro USB, Headphone, Mini HDMI, DC Jack
 •             Audio Speaker / Microphone
 •             Operating Hours:  8 Hours
 •             Detachable Smart Keyboard with track Pad and Angle Adjustable 



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