Kids Club: Amelie reviews Brick, the biggest Lego Show in Europe

Are you a crazy Lego fan? If you are, then jump in and adventure a world of activities and creations!  At Brick 2015, the biggest Lego Show in Europe, there is a whole world of Lego sculptures and exhibitions. And best of all, there are three building areas with different coloured bricks to play with: purple, red and blue. I enjoyed building with them so much!

brick lego show bricks pits

My friends were swimming in Lego bricks


Believe it or not, even adults became so addicted that when I left after hours of visiting other intriging sculptures, they were still there, creating unusual, creative structures beside their children.

lego show brick star wars han solo

Star Wars had a huge dedicated section at the Lego Show – Han Solo and Chewie had their own iconic pictures made out of Lego.


brick lego show star wars installation

The movie fans will be delighted to recognise Star Wars space shuttles, amazing detailed x-wing fighters, Lego Frozen characters and Harry Potter’s castle.


brick lego show

My sister Lily enjoyed swimming in purple Lego bricks!

Don’t miss it!
Come and join the fun!:-))

I rated it 9/10

By Amelie Castelli-Fernando

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Check out all the images and information about the show so you can attend next year.

BRICK 2015 – Europe’s biggest Lego experience for families & all Lego fans is back

brick lego show swimming in lego pits

In the Lego pits you could build whatever you wanted for as long as you wanted. Be aware though that you CANNOT take any of the bricks home with you!

lego show brick harry potter castle

Brick lego show frozen

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