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About Julie Clark

Julie Clark is author of ‘Baby Led Weaning Step by Step’, and has been a registered family Nutritionist for over 10 years. Julie works closely with women and children, seeing clients on a one-to-one basis, as well as running a number of successful courses both pre-and-post-natal. Her Yummy Mummy programme helps women reclaim their figures post-pregnancy and Happy Little Eaters educates parents, young children and babies in healthy eating. Julie also provides nutritional advice to expectant mums. Since she began her Happy Little Eaters Baby Led Weaning Course in 2010, Julie has helped more than 250 babies be successfully weaned in this way. With two children of her own, aged four and two, Julie knows first-hand how important it is to help children develop good eating habits and encourage them to eat nutritionally balanced meals to support their growth and development.