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Thomas is passionate about creating innovative solutions to improve and revolutionise education. As a serial entrepreneur, past businesses include a healthcare solution in Denmark that improved workforce engagement, health and productivity. He moved to the UK in 2005 and founded Empire Claims and now Positive Edge Education. Thomas felt a strong frustration seeing so many talented students disengage with education instead of fulfilling their potential. Over the last 15 years he has developed a deep passion for education engaging in personal studies of psychology, neuroscience and learning theory which lead to the idea of merging the latest research findings with technology to create engaging programs that will help all students fulfil their potential. When Thomas became a father he spent 7 months in intensive care with his son. It sparked the idea to start ‘Positive Edge Education. Developing educational programs that inspires, engages and provides the tools to adapt and flourish in a rapid changing world. In order to create a holistic educational program that addresses the challenges faced by schools on all levels, Thomas needed a group of professional teachers, educators, and researchers to help make the Positive Edge model a reality.