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About Nicole D Roberts

Meet Nicole D Roberts, she is called to minister God’s word and feed His people with the truth. A mother of two boys Elijah and Joshua and a nurse, health visitor and law graduate. As a law student, Nicole would edit the school newspapers. Nicole started her Christian journey in 1994 in Tobago and then moved to England in 1997. She started writing fulltime in November 2015, before that she use to write stories on pieces of scrap paper and knew she had to get these visions and dreams of books in her head onto paper. As a global thinker Nicole has a worldwide visionary. She co-wrote a poem with her son when he was aged 3, titled My First Poem for Young Writers Competition in 2014 and she wrote a poem for her son when he was aged 4, titled ‘Dedicated to Mum’ which won the Young Writers Competition in 2015, both of these poems have been published by Young Writers. Nicole is strong in her faith as a Christian and gives ALL GLORY TO GOD for all these healing books and ministries. She reminds her readers to stay connected to the inspirational word of God. Follow Nicole on her social media sites: Instagram: nicoleroberts289