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Win a year’s supply of Colour Catcher products to help save time and money on washing

From rouge red socks staining whites to dye from denim jeans leaking – laundry disasters can be a massive pain. But thanks to Colour Catcher, you can save time spent separating your loads and mix your laundry with no bother. To show you how easy it is, and dare you to mix lights, darks and colours all together, Colour Catcher is offering four lucky winners a year’s supply of Colour Catcher products to help save time and money on washing.


New research reveals that 49% of Brits have fallen victim to a colour run accident and spend a staggering 56 hours a year separating lights from darks! The study also found that the nation spends a staggering £2.5 billion a year replacing clothes that have been ruined in the laundry. 

In addition, the data unearthed on average people spend £49 on substitute clothes; with white T-shirts topping the list of the most likely to be wrecked in the wash followed by underwear and socks. Interestingly, 40% admitted that they only fill half of their drum – with 55% of the nation saying it’s because they don’t want to mix their lights and dark in the same wash and 51% of Brits have actively avoided washing an item that might leak. 

But for those unable to shun the task, the study found that Brits are doing more than 10 washes a week and spend a whopping 56 hours in a year just separating colours in their laundry baskets ahead of a wash cycle;  this totals to nearly 2 and half years doing laundry in a lifetime.

With more people tightening their budgets during the pandemic, Colour Catcher is the perfect washing machine staple. Whether you’re a family with lots of weekly loads; a student who may need to save on bills; or a busy professional who is time-poor – it is a must-have that not only prevents colour run but also protects clothes from greying and retains brightness. The handy laundry companion works wonders thanks to dyes chemically bonding to the Colour Catcher sheet, instead of on your other clothes!  

For those of you not lucky enough to win, why not try it out with your next wash and see for yourself that the proof is on the sheet when you #DareToMix. Starting at just £3 for 24 sheets, Colour Catcher is available in all major retailers including ASDA, Tesco, and Wilko. To join in Colour Catcher’s latest campaign. 

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and write your favourite colour in the competition form below this post. Deadline to enter is midnight on 31 December 2020. 

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Terms and Conditions

  • The competition prize must be claimed within six calendar months of being notified of the winner being announced.
  • One prize per winner and the prize cannot be exchanged for another retailer or cash equivalent.

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