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Win 1 of 3 fabulous Family Games bundles from Drumond Park


Here’s your chance to win one of three sets of brilliant new table-top family games everybody from kids to grandparents will enjoy – delivered to you in time for Christmas!


First, for the younger members of the family, comes new SNOTCHA!  (rrp £24.99, age 5+).  This grossly entertaining game is set to be hugely popular with cheeky little ones this Christmas.  It’s the sneeze spraying action game that’s guaranteed to get everyone going, one way or another! Set him up by filling the sneeze chamber with cold water and inserting the batteries into his feet – now the little ones are ready to start!  Take your turn to spin the spinner to see how many times to push down on Snotcha… time to see if he can hold in his snotty sneeze or not … will he sneeze at’choo?  Phew … you’ve stayed dry this time … or – AAAHHH CHOOO! Ewww that is a super wet sneeze!  And you’re out of the game.


The new high energy BANG ON! board game (rrp £27.99, age 8 to adult) revolves around an electronically controlled ‘Bang On’ unit and a hammer – and sees teams or individuals compete to name as many items from their card as possible, before the red timer knob comes plunging down! Think ‘name round fruits’ and ‘Queens of England’ and you’ll see there are plenty of opportunities for absolutely everyone to get involved, right from the off! With each correct answer shouted out, the hammer is banged as hard as possible, sending the timer whizzing up to the top again, to gain more time.  This all goes on at break neck speed – until either the time runs out or the maximum score of ten answers per round is achieved.  The gamesters then move their playing piece along the board by the number of answers scored. And of course the first people to land on or pass the Finish space win the game!


The new WHO’S THE DUDE? adult game (rrp £24.99, age 16+) is hilarious… and a little bit saucy!  You’re playing the age-old game of charades – but with a wild and wacky life-size inflatable man as your partner!  Imagine acting out ‘on a first date’, ‘planking’ or ‘putting on sunscreen’ and you get the idea.  Try to focus… can you convince your fellow players that you’re ‘stuffing a turkey’, ‘pole dancing’ or ‘blowing the Dude’s nose?’  This is a game that truly rewards inventiveness – and let’s admit it, it can be risqué!  But it’s going to be mega this Christmas – so don’t miss out!


For more information and stockists of these family games, visit


And for grown-up giggles and to share adult games experiences, go over to their ‘Not so Quiet Night In’ blog at


Enter this fantastic Christmas competition and you could get these prizes in time for the festive season. To win this amazing family games bundle by Drumond Park, write the name of your favourite board game of all times in the competition form below this post. Deadline to enter is midnight 20th November 2017. 


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