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Win a bundle of Dummies Junior books

Latest Dummies Junior titles offer fun and easy introduction to skills and subjects for the scientists, technologists and engineers of the future. London Mums have a whole bundle to give away to a lucky reader and member of our organisation.  



Following the publication last year of the first of its titles in the ‘Junior’ series, dummies  recently published nine new books which offer a fun and easy introduction to skills and subjects for the scientists, technologists and engineers of the future. The emphasis to teach coding and STEM topics to younger learners is becoming more and more important in schools and these approachable guides provide an ideal entry for youngsters needing basic exposure to these subjects, explaining simple concepts while keeping tasks straightforward and easy to follow.




Dummies Junior titles target readers aged seven to eleven. Each combines the hallmarks of the dummies series – simple steps and friendly approach – but with vivid, full colour designs and short page counts to appeal to and educate the younger audience.


Here are the Dummies Junior titles included in the bundle:



Getting Started with Raspberry Pi: Program Your Raspberry Pi!


by Richard Wentk, £8.99, ISBN: 9781119262657

This book introduces young readers to the world of computing with the Raspberry Pi – the small and inexpensive microcomputer. Coding is a valuable skill that will last throughout school and beyond, and this book teaches the basics from getting the board set up, configured, and ready for action, through projects including: creating music with your Pi using Sonic Pi, and making a super cool game by combining Minecraft and Python.

Creating Digital Animations: Animate Stories with Scratch!

by Derek Breen, £8.99, ISBN: 9781119233527


Creating Digital Animations walks children with an interest in coding through creating animated characters and scenes using the easy-to-learn Scratch platform – a free web-based multimedia programming tool.

The book guides readers through the four major phases of animation design to create their own interactive stories and games including:

·        Creating stick figures as the basis for characters
·        Turning stick figures into animated characters
·        Creating scenes and background locations
·        Adding sound to take their animation to the next level.



Designing Digital Games: Create Games with Scratch!

by Derek Breen, £8.99, ISBN: 9781119177210

Helping to apply their design skills to the creation of video games, this book introduces readers to simple programming over the course of four projects a child can follow, including:

·        Design a Classic Video Game
·        Super Snake – use sprites to create a game using a digital pet snake
·        A-Maze-Ing – create a maze game
·        Attacking the Clones – clone your sprites to create a fun, attack style game

Providing friendly instruction while building kids’ confidence in designing digital games, these projects will set young learners on the road to further exploration of video game design.

Writing Computer Code: Learn the Language of Computers!

by Chris Minnick and Eva Holland, £8.99, ISBN: 9781119177302

Learning how to code can be like learning a foreign language but this book helps budding programmers work with real code to build their own web robots, including stages to:


·        Write code that builds the robot’s body and structure
·        Add code lines that customise the robot’s colour and shape
·        Finish off the robot with code that teaches it how to dance


Experimenting with Science: Think, Test and Learn!

by Olivia J. Mullins, £8.99, ISBN: 9781119291336

Featuring easily achievable projects that youngsters can complete using basic household items, Experimenting with Science is designed to help children have fun learning about the world around them by testing how things work.

From mixing up potions and testing the invisible force of air, to conducting experiments that reveal how the brain works, simple explanations guide aspiring scientists to complete projects including making a balloon rocket, making salt jump with your voice, and bouncing an egg – bringing the fascinating world of experimentation within their grasp.




Getting Started with Engineering: Think Like an Engineer!

By Camille McCue, £8.99, ISBN: 9781119291220


Getting Started with Engineering
contains projects designed to broaden children’s understanding of basic engineering principles, challenge their problem-solving skills and sharpen their creativity—all while having fun along the way.

Providing the first steps required to develop the skills budding engineers need to think, design, and build things, projects include modelling a bridge using pasta, building a roller coaster and learning how to clean up an oil spill. As with all Dummies Junior titles, instructions are written in an easy-to-follow manner, making it possible for users to experience the pride and accomplishment of working independently.



Building Your Own Robots: Design and Build Your First Robot!

By Gordon McComb, £8.99, ISBN: 9781119302438

Building Your Own Robots
presents fun robotics projects that children can complete with common items found around the house.

Introducing basic robotics concepts in a language youngsters can understand, readers will gain confidence as they design and build a self-propelled vehicle, hack an old remote control car to create a motorised robot, and use straightforward commands to build and program a virtual robot.



Getting Started with Electronics: Build Electronic Circuits!

By Cathleen Shamieh, £8.99, ISBN: 9781119313809

For those that are curious about what goes on inside computers, phones, TVs, and other electronic devices, this book is filled with fun electronics projects that use clips, switches, resistors, capacitors, and other basic materials.

From building a LED flashlight, to tuning in to a local radio station using a homemade tuner, projects will spark creativity and introduce core concepts while keeping tasks simple.




Building a Minecraft City: Build Like a Pro!

By Sarah Guthals, £8.99, ISBN: 9781119316411


Offering young Minecraft enthusiasts an outlet to enhance their love of the game and take their creative play to new heights, Building a Minecraft City provides step-by-step instructions and simple explanations that will teach children invaluable new skills—all while having a lot of fun! They’ll gain confidence as they design and build truly impressive Minecraft structures, developing and refining their problem-solving skills as they work on their own.

Focusing on three basic projects that set young readers on the road to further exploration, the book introduces engineering concepts in a way children can understand and shows them how to approach Minecraft from a new angle.


To win this amazing Dummies Junior books’ bundle, write in the competition form below this post the type of secondary school your child is in or is planning to go to (state/private, grammar, academy etc). Deadline to enter is midnight on 9th June 2017.








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