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Everyone loves a freebie. London Mums partner with selected businesses to offer amazing products for free to members of our organisation and readers of the London Mums magazine.  Don’t miss the opportunity to win our goodies and enter our competitions and prize draws. Over the years we have given away thousands of prizes including children’s DVDs, family films, tickets to events, cinema and West End shows, handbags, beauty products, toys, books for both mums and children.

Win 1 of 3 copies of Ballerina DVD & exclusive merchandising

This Easter kids can bring home the fun-filled animated adventure that follows the story of Félicie, a young orphan who tries to make her craziest dream of being a dancer come true. Be part of the magical journey as Ballerina pliés its way onto Digital Download and Blu-ray™ and DVD now, courtesy of Entertainment One.


The story


Ballerina features en pointe performances from Elle Fanning (Maleficent, Super 8) as aspiring young dancer, Félicie; Dane DeHaan (The Amazing Spider-Man 2, Lawless) as Félicie’s best friend and aspiring inventor, Victor; Carly Rae Jepsen (Castle, Grease Live!) as former prima ballerina, Odette; and Maddie Ziegler (Pretty Little Liars, Dance Moms) as a snobby trained ballerina, Camille Le Haut.

Félicie (Fanning) is a young orphan who has only one passion – ballet. With her best friend Victor (DeHaan), they come up with a madcap scheme to escape their orphanage and head to the city where she can fulfil her dreams. Through cunning plans and hard work Félicie lands a spot at the top dance school, where she has to take on the school bully to win the starring role.


The trailer




The verdict

It’s a classic story of determination and success going through challenges such as bullying and jealous rivals. We need to expose children to as many of these inspiring tales through movies and books as they are educational while captivating and fun. Although this film seems aimed at girls only – the title alone put my 10 year old son off from watching it at first – the character of the aspiring inventor Victor makes it appealing to boys too.

It’s a good watch for parents too.

London Mums’ rating: 7/10 


DVD Information

 Certificate:                                          U/G
 Genre:                                                Animated / Family
 Run time:                                            87 minutes

Ballerina is available now on Digital Download, Blu-ray™ and DVD, courtesy of Entertainment One.

For your chance to win one of these DVDs and merchandising bundles, 
write the name of your favourite dancer of all times 
in the competition form below this post. 
Deadline to enter is midnight on 25 May 2017. 


Activity sheet download

Click on the image to download.



Ballet Beginner Tips to Learn at Home

In this feature we look at ten easy tips for aspiring ballerinas to practice at home.


  1. A 30 minute stretch at the beginning of each day will help in tremendous ways by getting your body ready.





  1. You can use your kitchen counter as a makeshift barre to practice moves such as pliés. But make sure you’re careful!




  1. It’s not all about practice; you need to be well nourished as well. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. You want to have a lot of energy for your ballerina prep!

Healthy Skin Hair and Nails



  1. Use your head! Your imagination can help you create or rehearse almost any performance, plus you can do it from anywhere.




  1. You might not have a full length mirror at home, so practice as though you were on stage at the Paris Opera Ballet School like Félicie in Ballerina. Try going through routines without stopping, like the prima ballerinas do!





  1. Practice any time you can! Point your toes under your desk, when you are walking down the halls or when you are just brushing your teeth.



  1. Try your best but don’t be afraid to fail, it happens! You will only learn from it.




  1. Do research. Watch videos or read books about ballet so you become both physically and mentally prepared.









  1. Keep a dance journal to note all your favourite dances and moves you come across so you can look back later.





  1. Don’t forget to have fun! It’s a lot of work but never lose your love for it!













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