Star Mum! Izzy Judd shares her secrets to balancing motherhood, a music career, and wellness

In this exclusive interview, I explore the life of Izzy Judd, a musician with a rich heritage in melody. Raised in a musically accomplished family in Hertfordshire, Izzy Judd was always surrounded by her three older brothers, all skilled musicians, and music was the fluent language in her household.

Izzy Judd

Embarking on her violin journey at the age of five, Judd’s passion became the guiding force of her musical odyssey, which led her through esteemed institutions such as the Royal College of Music in London and Chetham’s School of Music in Manchester.

However, life’s symphony was not without its challenges. In 2014, Judd confronted the heartbreak of a miscarriage, a testament to her resilience. Yet, in early 2015, a new melody began as she embarked on the challenging journey to motherhood through IVF.

Izzy Judd ‘s narrative is one of unwavering determination, evident both in her musical pursuits and in her deeply personal journey through family. Enjoy this insightful conversation with Izzy Judd, as I delve into the harmony she discovers in her roles as a musician, mother, and brand ambassador. Accompanying her on this journey is her husband, Harry Judd, an English musician, dancer, and author, best known as the drummer for the band McFly.

Balancing a career, parenting, and being married to a rock star can be quite demanding. Could you share some of your go-to strategies for maintaining a harmonious family life amidst such a busy schedule?

Izzy Judd : “I think for many mums, the juggle of parenting and having a career is challenging. I’m always working on planning in time for myself, and reminding myself that the relentless tasks can wait! My moment of calm is a yoga class, playing my violin, walking or doing my tapestry. I’ve also joined the mum choir at school which I love. When I have done something for myself I always find it helps everyone as I’m a calmer mum.”

Izzy Judd and Harry Judd

Given your experiences, what would be your top piece of advice for fellow parents who are striving to balance their careers, family life, and personal wellness?

“Sleep is my go-to, there is nothing more needed than a good night’s sleep to take care of your personal wellness. Balancing my career and family life is always a work in progress but I try to remind myself to stop and question what my priorities and self-values are.”

How has your background in music influenced your journey as a musician and artist, and how do you think it has shaped your creative process?

“Having grown up surrounded by music, it has influenced me in every possible way. Discipline and the ability to focus have stuck with me. Even though my career has moved in different directions, the basic skills I have learned have helped me on whichever road I’ve taken, especially creatively.”

Izzy Judd and Harry Judd

Collaborating with your husband Harry Judd, how do you balance the personal and professional aspects of your relationship when working on music projects together?

“Harry and I met on the McFly Wonderland tour in 2005, so keeping a professional and personal relationship has been with us since the beginning. It has always felt very natural and we love being able to work on projects together (it’s also nice to be able to spend time together!)”

Your memoir, “Dare to Dream,” beautifully touches on your experiences and emotions. How has this journey influenced your music, and do you find it cathartic to express yourself through your songs?

“Music has always been the glue that connects me back to me, in traumatic moments and happy moments. It is a language that doesn’t need words so I use it as a way to express myself. It is where I feel most at home and most me. During our fertility struggles I found it difficult to listen to music as it was too emotional at times, however when I was pregnant with my daughter Lola, I used to listen to ‘Half the World Away’ by Aurora through ear buds on my tummy and to this day this song soothes us both.”

Parenthood is a significant aspect of both your and Harry’s lives. How has being parents influenced the themes and emotions conveyed in your music?

“For me personally, I started to pick up my violin a lot more when Lockie was born. He used to sit in his bouncer looking up at me whilst I played him lullabies, I was amazed how quickly he stopped crying and how my shoulders dropped with relaxation. It is very easy to lose yourself in motherhood, reconnecting with something you love can be so powerful.”

Your advocacy for mental health and well-being is admirable. How do you use your platform and music to raise awareness and support for mental health issues?

“I’ve always spoken very openly about my struggles with anxiety because it is a part of who I am. It also gives me comfort to talk about it and for people to also share their experiences. We all feel better when we feel less alone. Mindfulness has been an anchor for me, so when I play my violin, I feel very present and grounded.”

Looking ahead, what exciting projects or ventures can we expect from you in the near future, and how do you envision your musical journey progressing?

“I’m excited to be releasing “Moments” which is a collection of songs arranged for violin and piano. It felt amazing to be in the studio recording and it really helped my confidence stepping out of being mum for a little while. I have been so grateful to the community on Instagram for supporting me over the years so this is a little something I would like to give back to them.”

As a mother, how do you prioritize natural and scientifically backed wellness solutions for your children? Are there any specific products you find particularly helpful?

Zarbee’s is the perfect solution for our family as taking care of our health and wellbeing is really important to us. I like that Zarbee’s is made with naturally sourced ingredients that are backed by science and inspired by nature. As we go back into the school term and the coughs and colds are starting, the Children’s Cough and Sore Throat syrup has been really helping Lockie’s cough, which I have been grateful for, especially in the night! It is made with natural flavoring including pure honey which means it’s tasty and helps to soothe and calm a cough, helping your little one sleep.”

Could you tell us about any upcoming projects or initiatives you’re working on in your role as a brand ambassador for Zarbee’s?

“As a mum of 3 I’m always on the lookout for wellbeing brands that have something for all the family, the simpler the better as our routine is always busy! Zarbee’s Children’s MultiVits + Immune support is perfect for pouring onto cereal the morning and the Adult Evening Immune Support made with honey and lavender extract is a delicious shot of goodness before bed.”

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