Interview! Tom Ball: Rising to fame through music while battling Type 1 Diabetes

Tom Ball, a 25-year-old from East Sussex, has made a name for himself in talent competitions, not just for his exceptional voice but also for his distinctive curly ginger hair. From soulful melodies to powerhouse hits, Ball’s voice effortlessly navigates through genres, earning him acclaim on both sides of the Atlantic. His breakthrough moment came on Britain’s Got Talent in April 2022, where his rendition of “The Sound of Silence” earned him a Group Golden Buzzer. With dreams of performing in Las Vegas and Broadway, Ball’s journey exemplifies perseverance and passion in the pursuit of dreams. As he continues to captivate audiences, his ascent from the classroom to centre stage is far from over.

Tom Ball

Monica Costa: Your incredible talent has taken you from the classroom to the worldwide stage. How does it feel to reflect on this journey from teaching to performing on BGT and. America’s Got Talent: All Stars? Your performance of “The Sound of Silence” on AGT earned you a Group Golden Buzzer and high praise from the judges. Can you share what was going through your mind during that moment on stage?

Tom Ball: I made it to the final and got the first-ever golden buzzer in a group. It was a real moment in America. My life changed overnight. Suddenly, I was on a global stage, with people watching me and wanting to know what I would do next. It launched me on a global scale. Britain’s Got Talent was my UK launch, but America took me international. It’s been incredible, and I’ll always be thankful for that opportunity.

And then we started releasing music after America. I began performing on stages to thousands of people worldwide. We signed my first record deal with Westway, the UK’s biggest label, and started creating my album. I worked with an incredible producer named Ben in London. Then, I had the opportunity to be a special guest on The Masked Singer scenario. I toured with The Overtones across the UK for 27 days, my first taste of touring. After that, we launched my own tour. It feels crazy that in two years, we’ve done all this. But my debut UK tour is happening, with talks of more to come. Singles have been released, and the album is about to drop. There’s no sign of slowing down, and I can’t wait to see what happens next.

Tom Ball tour

Monica Costa: I had a glimpse of your debut album, and I particularly love the song you played exclusively at the London Hippodrome gig, engaging with the audience. What’s the name of that song?

Tom Ball: It’s called “The Best Part.”

Monica Costa: You’re a very good songwriter, not just a performer. We actually loved that song more than the other covers.

Tom Ball: I’m pleased. I’m really excited for it to come out.

Monica Costa: I think it’ll be very good. You’re good at that, and you should write more of your own music. You once said you’d never give up your teaching job. Now you find yourself touring, solely focused on performing.

Tom Ball: I’ll always be passionate about teaching and education at heart. But now, touring and performing are my full-time job, and I’m loving it. I was a bit greedy. I wanted a bit of both singing and teaching. I started singing when I was 8, purely music. I wanted to be a singer, I wanted to be on stage. And it wasn’t until I got to university where I found love of teaching, specifically teaching singing lessons.

Monica Costa: You mentioned your interest in a movie about your life and why you’d like Brad Pitt or Chris Pratt to play you. Can you share your vision for your biopic?

Tom Ball: It’s a dream to sing a theme tune for a movie like a Bond movie. But I’ve got to achieve a few more things before anyone starts considering making a movie about my life. Who knows what the future holds.

Monica Costa: Your openness about having Type 1 diabetes is inspiring. Alongside your musical achievements, you’ve also raised awareness about diabetes. Could you share more about your journey with diabetes and how it has influenced your music and your life, in general?

Tom Ball: Managing Type 1 diabetes is an ongoing challenge that touches every aspect of my life. Everything from the temperature outside to my stress levels and what I eat affects my blood glucose readings. I constantly monitor my levels and inject insulin accordingly. When I’m about to perform, I have to anticipate how my nerves might affect my levels and have insulin ready to adjust. Once on stage, the energy I expend causes my glucose levels to drop, so I need to have sugar on hand to counteract that. It’s a delicate balance between giving my best performance and managing my diabetes effectively.

Monica Costa: Your positivity shines through, even with challenges. Your story is inspiring to many. You’re very brave because some people might hide behind that and just shelter themselves, but you went out of your comfort zone completely to pursue your dreams.

Tom Ball: Thank you. I want people to know that no matter what they’re going through, they can still achieve their dreams with hard work.

Monica Costa: You’re very good also to engage the audience. The audience I saw at the Hippodrome gig was up for that and not everybody can do it. Some people are very good as musicians, but you’re quite an entertainer. I could see you on a Broadway show or on a West End show. Soon you’ll get some kind of offers for West End because your voice is really perfect for one of those musicals in the West End.

Tom Ball: Thank you. That would be an absolute dream.

Monica Costa: What’s next for you?

Tom Ball: The album’s dropping soon, followed by a UK tour. I want to do more writing, and I’d love to get into acting at some point. After that, who knows? I’m excited for the future.

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