Exclusive interview! Sex Pistols’ bassist and song-writer Glen Matlock on his latest political rock album

977 Sex Pistols bassist and Rock Hall Of Fame inductee Glen Matlock has inked a new worldwide deal with Cooking Vinyl, which will see the label release Glen’s long-awaited, timely and politically pertinent new solo album Consequences Coming on 27 April 2023. Matlock’s new deal with Cooking Vinyl will additionally see the label re-release two of his previous solo albums: 2010’s Born Running, and 2018’s critically acclaimed Good To Go (which is possibly my favourite album of the past decade).

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His persona these days may be that of a stylish rock gent, but, as always, the former icon of punk remains politically passionate (to put it mildly). I follow his activism on Instagram and this is very refreshing. Finally, someone who is not afraid of speaking up against the establishment. I totally relate with his values and attitude in fighting for what’s right. We should all speak up!

This album is nothing short of Glen Matlock’s call to arms to tackle this current diabolical period of governance.

I have caught up with him once again. Third time lucky? You figure it out…


Q: I remember chatting to you about your new album release ‘Consequences coming’ already a year ago. It’s finally here! What inspires the lyrics of the new songs?

Glen Matlock (GM): There’s not much rock ’n’ roll going lyrically. I’m just trying to reflect what’s going on around me, the Parliament’s State of affairs in England, politically, not in all the songs, only a few. We have been pushed into a crazy situation by right-wing people who have no consideration for anybody else apart from themselves. Maybe, there will be consequences coming. At least I hope so. I don’t think Boris Johnson feels particularly proud of himself at the moment.

Q: Music has to be engaging, and is deep. You have always been engaged politically.

GM: As I get older I get a bit wiser. But some bad politics really affect me and my work, including Brexit which has made musicians’ lives miserable.


Q: I particularly like ‘Speaking in tongues’. Does it come from your passion for languages, particularly Italian?

GM: Musically, in terms of guitars, there’s something about the Stones and the Beatles in it. ‘Speaking in tongues’: so much nonsense has been spoken by so many politicians at the moment that they might as well be speaking in tongues.

My Italian hasn’t progressed much, unfortunately. But I’d still give your book ‘Noi di Lido Adriano’ a go.


Q: How was the tour with Blondie?
GM: Great! I played the bass for her band. Lots of songs to learn, but fun. I’ll have more Blondie shows in South / North America in March then back to the UK. Then hopefully I’ll be playing with my band.

Q: What will you be playing at the London gig on 17th February 2023?
GM: Something new, something old, something borrowed and something a bit bluesy. That kind of works.


Q: And maybe something Sex Pistoly? Last time at the 100 Club you did not play any Sex Pistols’ song…
GM: People did not seem to mind too much…  I don’t mind playing Sex Pistols’ stuff with the Sex Pistols.


Q: People were wearing the infamous Queen’s song t-shirt … 
GM: Maybe it’s a bit outdated now.


Q: You should write a controversial song about King Charles… 
GM: Who knows…


Q: Tell me about the inspiration behind the new Head On A Stick” single

GM: Peeved at the predictable but ultimately pointless political lurch to the right that has happened in the West over the past few years, one which has been aided and abetted by the vested interests of a client press, I put pen to paper and plectrum to guitar to compose a song that’s a call to arms, a wake-up alarm and primal open your eyes scream.


It might be easy to be wise after the event but some saw where we were headed and in the words of ‘Pete Seeger’ attempted to hammer out a warning.


We always thought it can’t happen here but it sadly most definitely has and heads should justifiably roll…

The video for the song is HERE: www.youtube.com/@glenmatlockofficial


Q: A music video for the track is now available online.

GM: The video was shot on the fly one afternoon in between touring dates with Blondie in the UK. The guys who play on the forthcoming album all jumped at the chance to back me up in the video, and help get this pertinent point across about the parlous state of our present position.


Q: So, Consequences Coming is set to be released on 27 April…

GM: Consequences Coming is a new full-length studio album which will be made available in Digital and specially packaged CD format. The vinyl format is being made available with a limited edition signed art-print.

PRE-ORDER AVAILABLE HERE: https://glenmatlock.tmstor.es/

glen matlock consequences coming album cover

This album was written and recorded in Britain over the last 18 months or so with a posse of seasoned but on point performers. All done during the debacle that is Brexit and the rise and fall of the turgid Trump episode in the US. These songs reflect my take on the whole sorry mess that has ensued.

Now the wheels of the music business can sometimes move at a lugubrious, glacial pace, and sometimes the moment might be lost but seeing no break in the clouds or clear light at the end of the tunnel, surely the only demand on people’s lips should be that there are Consequences Coming for the fat headed oafs who have foisted their asinine warped sensibilities on us. The tunes are pretty catchy too…


Consequences Coming Album Tracks:

  1. Head On A Stick
  2. Consequences Coming
  3. Magic Carpet Ride
  4. Speaking In Tongues
  5. Shine Off Your Shoes
  6. Constant Craving
  7. Step In The Right Direction
  8. Something ‘Bout The Weekend
  9. This Empty Heart
  10. Face In A Crowd
  11. Tried To Tell You
  12. Can’t Be Myself With You
  13. This Ship




Sex Pistols The Original Recordings album coverHard core Sex Pistols’ fans rejoiced last year at the re-release of once-banned God Save The Queen to mark Platinum Jubilee. In 1977 they released their anti-royalist punk anthem to coincide with the Silver Jubilee and despite being banned by radio stations, reached number two in the charts.

The song called the monarchy a “fascist regime” and included the lyrics: “She ain’t no human being, and there’s no future, and England’s dreaming”. It was also included on the band’s only album Never Mind the B******s. The band was arrested after they promoted the record on their own jubilee boat trip along the Thames.

The Sex Pistols, signing a new recording contract with A&M Records outside Buckingham Palace in 1977

Glen Matlock with the Sex Pistols, signing a new recording contract with A&M Records outside Buckingham Palace in 1977















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