Chatting with star mum Anna Williamson about Relationships

,As part of an ongoing series of uplifting lifestyle talks hosted by Coppa Club, Putney, London Mums Magazine‘ editor Monica Costa and I were able to meet and chat with well-known speaker Anna Williamson a couple of weeks ago. Yes, the famous dating agent in Celebs Go Dating! She came beautifully turned out in a soft leather burgundy mini-dress and 10” high silver stiletto heels. Her hair was styled so it had perfect volume and cascaded sexily over her shoulders. One stylish lady.

Anna Williamson posing with London Mums magazine reporters at Coppa Club Putney

But we weren’t there to harvest her fashion tips, she wanted to talk mental health. To our surprise she opened up very matter-of-factly and bravely about her own struggles with anxiety before and after a mental breakdown. Mental ill health was a taboo, so much so that she didn’t even recognise what was happening to her, not helped by a society which only saw her success, wealth and fame and couldn’t understand how she could be unhappy.

She told us how she went to counselling, identified her partner as a major trigger and began to make changes. She is a great role model because she’s been at rock bottom, where death feels appealing, and found a way out. As she talked, she created a warm, supportive atmosphere which softly turned into a forum for others to share their experiences and ask advice.

Alongside her TV work and private therapy business, she wanted to give something back, to reach those who cannot afford therapy. We would recommend readers consult her new website, The Relationship Place, where you can access video packages in which Anna crystallises her thoughts on different topics such as wedding planning and conflict. I think most couples could do with a bit of help.

Anna Williamson wearing a long pink and red dress posing for mums magazine together with writer Monica Costa

Anna also has a new book out which we reviewed in the London Mums’ Magazine, Where Is The Love? featuring tips for boosting confidence, building self-esteem, identifying and setting boundaries, tackling arguments, BABY-proofing your relationship and all those tricky topics in between. Read our chat with Anna in the London Mums magazine here or download it as a pdf from here.


The interview 

Q: What do you recommend to 40+ single mothers when it comes to going back to dating after many years of being just mums?  

AW: The first thing is to work on yourself and really give yourself some TLC. I know myself being a mum that for some of the time it can feel like you lose yourself a bit, being a parent is just so full on and all consuming, you can’t switch off, so if you wanted to get back into the world of dating it’s very much something just for you. And it should be. So ask yourself what you want from the dating world, who you are looking for who has similar values and beliefs to you, and boost your self-esteem by knowing what a great catch you are.

Q: What is love for you? 

AW: Love is a feeling, but love is also a verb, a doing word. We can all trot out the phrase I love you, but it’s in our actions that determines how much love we are showing. Romantic love is about intimacy, passion, and commitment…. If you focus on those three things, you will absolutely give yourself the best chance of enjoying love in its truest form. 

Where Is The Love? The Honest Guide to Dating and Relationships is my fourth book baby, and I am incredibly proud of it. It is an honest upfront anecdotal self-help guide for everybody who is perhaps navigating the dating scene, or in a relationship and needing a little bit of help and understanding on how to make it better.  We rarely know what goes on behind closed doors in relationships, and that’s fair because they are intensely private, however being a dating and relationship coach, I know that many of us experience the same issues and challenges and there are actually a lot of things we can do to have a much healthier and happier relationship before we even remotely think about throwing in the towel. So, from learning how to argue effectively, to putting a spotlight back on your relationship if you have kids, to getting that passion back, I really have got an answer for it all.


Where Is The Love? The Honest Guide To Dating And Relationships (Green Tree, £12.99) is out now.

Read the full interview in the London Mums magazine here or download it as a pdf from here.




The hosting venue 

Coppa club Putney is a stylish bar and restaurant overlooking the Thames, where Carluccio’s used to be. They offer a delicious brunch. Firstly. we had crushed avocado on sourdough and fresh salmon. Then we chose a heap of American-style pancakes slathered in yoghurt and berries with various toppings. All generous, delicious and worth a try. The seating is spacious and the interior elegant. Outdoor, in heated pods, it has 6-seater. It’s all enclosed but glazed, so sitting in there, come rain or shine, must feel wonderful. They’re not just weather-proof either. They’re festooned with garlands and ribbons and I’m longing to try. Finding an excuse is all! 

Anna Williamson posing for Mums magazine over brunch at Coppa Club Putney

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