The breastfeeding talk – With my Mum

Jun 11 2014

Last week I popped round my mum’s house for a cup of tea. The plan was to say hello, give her a bump update and lay down the ground rules for birth and baby visitation.
In our NCT class last Tuesday we had two visiting dads who both suggested that it might be a good idea to keep visitors (like new grandparents) at bay for a day or two when you get back from the hospital.

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A lesson in marketing to pregnant women

Jun 04 2014

Before I share this important lesson in marketing to expectant mothers I have to share one of my biggest marketing pet hates.
Self congratulatory promotion based on celebrating random acts of kindness.

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My Photography career highlight

May 28 2014

Last week I had a rather long conversation with a recent graduate from my old University. Although I knew that the call was going to end with “can you give us money” the conversation was actually very…..conversational. The student in question did seem genuinely interested in receiving advice about forging out a career path. One of the questions she asked was in the last 13 years since I graduated what has been my career highlight? I couldn’t really decide but I settled for opening our first studio.

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