Should paternity leave be extended to 6 weeks?

Aug 30 2014

Seven weeks ago today my wife and I were celebrating the birth of our daughter Elodiedh. This morning I got up at around 6:30am made my daughter a bottle and myself a cup of tea before we both sat down to watch BBC breakfast news. This has been our morning routine for the past few weeks and although my wife despairs at some of the outfits I put our daughter in whilst she sleeps she does appreciate an extra hour or two in bed.
My wife normally gets up at around 8am and we have breakfast together before Elodiedh and I amuse ourselves whilst my wife has a shower and gets ready. By 9am (ish) I’m on my bike and on the way to the studio for a day of photographing other people’s babies whilst my wife has a day of brunch, shopping and texting me pictures of our daughter’s face covered in her own sick.

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Born in 60 seconds – our birth story

Jul 18 2014
newborn baby 6 days old

“There are always exceptions to the rule, it just so happens that you were one of those exceptions.”

This is my final Symapthy Pains article because as the title suggests I am now, for the first time, a father.
I always wanted to finish this series with the birth story as every single one I’ve heard before is different and I figured ours would be too. What I wasn’t expecting was how different it would be.

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Better in than out – 10 reasons why it’s better to have a late baby

Jul 08 2014

So my wife is in her 4th week of maternity leave and there’s no sign of baby. She’s got her favourite daytime TV shows, she’s joined a number of ridiculous Facebook groups where mums try and sell used junk they brought off ebay and she’s even started doing crosswords.

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