(50 Shades of) Grey Hat Social Media Interaction

Apr 24 2013

We’ve all talked about the good ways to behave on social media in White Hat best practices but what about when we get into grey areas?


When it comes to social sharing things always get tricky when people start sharing opinions.

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How to welcome new followers on Twitter {without using robots}

Apr 10 2013

Honestly I’ve had just about enough of spammy private messages on Twitter from someone I’ve just followed.


“Hi, thanks for the follow. Here’s my Facebook page”


You know what, if I wanted to find you on Facebook I would have done so already.


And what are you really saying with that sort of message?


“Thanks for showing an interest in my tweets but I care more about is how many likes I get”


Mixed messages aside, auto message tools aren’t cool. You’re taking the social element out of social media and what does that leave you with?

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White Hat Social Media

Mar 28 2013

There are certain ways to behave on social media site that aren’t cool. Being a bit of a Catfish (love that show) would be an example, as would being a complete and utter idiot who spends their time making other people’s lives miserable.

If you are running your own business then it goes without saying that having a reputation as a cyber bully isn’t going to be best PR move you’ve ever made. with that in mind, how should be behave online?

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