Embracing Hashtags in Google+

Jun 05 2013

Google’s annual developer focussed conference Google I/O was held in San Francisco last month and there were some fascinating product keynotes including a major upgrade to Google Plus with 41 new features.

One of those new features was the introduction of hashtags on the Google+ social media platform.

Hashtags or ‘the pound sign’ as we used to call it before hashtags became popular on Twitter in resent years are a great way to organise and find stuff on social networks. With so much noise you need something to categorise your content and hashtags do just that.

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How does social media work and get you work?

May 22 2013

When I talk (face to face) with anyone about building a social media strategy inevitably the question of “how is this going to get me work?” rears its head.

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Black Hat social media practices

May 08 2013

If I told you I knew a way to get 10,000 twitter followers in one week you’d probably ask either what the catch was or how much is this going to cost me?

People selling such services do not have your best interest at heart and they are certainly not selling a quality service. Essentially what they are selling is a spam service that utilises black hat practices. If you’re wondering, black hat is a bad thing and we’ve already talked about the grey areas and the best practices (white hat).

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