How to be really popular on Twitter | Social Media Tips

Jul 17 2013

If you are a photographer it’s really easy to be really popular on Twitter……you just become a really awesome photographer and the rest will follow! Easier said than done I know but this small bit of sound advice works for whatever you do.

If you are really good at whatever it is you do then people will be interested…..and then they will follow.


To quote Field of Dreams “If you built it, they will come”.

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Are you embracing Hashtags on Facebook yet?

Jul 03 2013

A few weeks ago Google announced the introduction of hashtags to the Google+ social media sharing platform. Personally I think it’s one of the best implementations of hashtags on any social network so far but you can read more about that at Embracing Hashtags in Goggle+. Now Facebook have also finally gone the way of the pound sign and I was just wondering if any of you have started using them?

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Find and seduce the sneezers | Social Media Tips for Mumpreneurs

Jun 19 2013

One of my favourite lines from marketing supreme Seth Godin’s book The Purple Cow is “Find and Seduce the Sneezers”

Although the Purple Cow was published in 2003 and wasn’t really referring to social media “sneezers” the word of mouth principles are perhaps more relevant today than they were when he penned his book.

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