Shooting RAW | Photography Basics

Apr 17 2013
Photography Basics free online class

The problem with photographers (mostly us boys anyway) is that we can be a big bunch of geeks. We obsess of tiny details in our images and our process. To be honest that should come as a relief to many of you if you’re hiring a professional photographer but what about when you are creating your own images?


I don’t really want to get into a debate about whether you should photograph in RAW or not. I’m a professional, I should If you’re taking happy snaps for Facebook then it’s not important.

Photography Basics free online class

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Aperture and Shutter Priority modes | Photography Basics

Apr 03 2013

By now you should have a fairly good idea of what your aperture and shutter speed actually does, especially if you’ve tried my little experiments. We’ve also talked about moving on from automatic modes but this article is a slight step back as we’ll be firing on semi-automatic.


What are Aperture and Shutter Priority modes?


Basically what we’re telling our camera is that we want to photograph at a particular shutter speed or aperture (for whatever reason) and your camera will do the rest.

Aperture Priority is normally an A or Av on your setting dial and Shutter Priority is surprise surprise a big ‘ol S. (or TV which stands for Time Value if you are using Canon).

Photography Basics free online class

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Moving on from Automatic Modes – Photography challenge

Mar 20 2013

If you have been following these posts for the last few weeks then hopefully you will have a better understand of what ISO, Shutter Speed and Apertures are.

I recommend that you try out the little experiments that I have suggested in each articles as it much easier to do rather than to read.


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