Stop and focus | Photography Basics

May 29 2013

Maybe this should have been lesson number one as one of the reasons people take so many bad photographs is that they don’t really understand how their cameras work.


When I used to work in Alaska we had people going out on whale watching trips and would come back with lots of wonderful pictures of open water with the occasional splash. “I just missed him, my camera wasn’t fast enough” was the usual excuse people would have. At this point I would explain to them how their camera actually works.

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Using on camera fill flash | Photography basics

May 15 2013

Using a flash that sits on top of your camera is the easiest way to make your photos look flat and boring. When we are taking a photograph what we are actually trying to do is trick the mind into thinking we have created a three-dimensional image on a two-dimensional plain. To achieve this shadow is our best friend.

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What is white balance? | Photography Basics

May 01 2013

It’s the reason your photos at home look yellow, it’s the science of light and it has awesome creative possibilities. It can also be a pain in the behind.

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