The Rule of Thirds Photography Basics Composition

Aug 21 2013

When considering the rules of photographic composition one of the most well known of them all is the rule of thirds. This theory of composition is not by any means new and the term dates back to John Thomas Smith’s 1797 book Remarks on Rural Scenery where he discussed the the balance of dark and light in a painting.


If you want to begin to take and compose well balanced images then an understanding of the principles behind the rule of thirds is essential.

Rules of course are made to be broken and not every great image will adhere to these basic fundamentals but if you are going to break the rules then at least know what they are.

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Photography composition introduction – The elements

Aug 07 2013

Composition is literally organising the elements of your subject into an image frame. What you are trying to attract is the eye, then you have to hold it’s attention.

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AI Servo AF (Canon) / AF-C (Nikon) Continuous Focus Modes

Jul 25 2013

If you’ve ever wondered what AI Servo (if you have a Canon) or Continuous focus (if you have a Canon) is then read on.

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