Juxtaposition | Photography Basics

Oct 02 2013

Juxtaposition is the art placement of two subjects to create contrast or to compliment each other. It can either be intentional or accidental and more often than not its intentions can be subtle.

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Subject Placement | Photography Basics

Sep 18 2013

How a subject is framed in an image really does show the difference between an amateur happy snap and a considered and more “professional” photograph.

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Point of Interest | Photography Composition

Sep 04 2013

Point of interest, sometimes referred to as the centre of interest, is probably the most important element in any photographic composition. If your photography has any goal at all then at the most basic level it has to capture or record a subject or point of interest. In order for that image to become good or even acceptable, then your photograph needs to emphasise the importance of your point of interest.

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